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Overwhelmed By The Natural Hair Community

It’s day 27 on my natural hair journey and after what has been months of online research.  I am still overwhelmed at the amount of content that there is online about natural hair.  And where exactly is the natural hair community?  It seems like they are everywhere and no where at the same time.  I do my best to sift through and compartmentalize different elements of it, but whew! It’s A LOT.  

Being a relaxed hair blogger was a lovely and comfortable pond to live in.  Do a search and you could find the bulk of us fairly easily.  And then to enter the natural hair community as a newly natural hair blogger feels like I’m a tiny sea creature in this vast ocean with other bigger and smaller sea creatures just whizzing past me.  It has been a shock to my system, to say the least.  Even something that seemed so straight forward as researching hair types has been a major headache.  The type 4/coily hair range of natural hair is so varied.  There are so many voices on the subject.  Some points are consistent, but some of it is conflicting and I don’t know who to listen to.  And that’s just the hair type thing.  The list of questions I have goes on and on.  But I am working hard to keep everything straight.  I keep a written journal, which is helping me to parse through the noise.  But I’m still no guru.

Seeing as how I’ve only got 3 inches of hair on my head and this is my first time being natural as an adult.  I’m going to stay in my lane and take time to learn my hair.  The theme of this blog is going to be heavy on my natural hair journey (with a little explanation of what I’m finding).   I hope you’ll come with me as I learn my hair, talk about natural hair and some times like this post — just vent.

Has anyone else been a little overwhelmed by the content geared towards natural hair care? Who do you look to as an authority on natural hair care?

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6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed By The Natural Hair Community

  1. I can imagine it can be a bit much. When my daughter first started taking care of her own hair, it was tough sifting through all the information. And while I’m not fully natural, I still look to the natural hair community for product suggestions and styling tips that both me and my daughter can use. Sometimes though, I get so overwhelmed, we just stick to keeping it super simple. Thank you for your honesty in sharing your thoughts. Your hair is looking great, Kim! I can’t wait to read more from your journey. Have you found any vloggers that serve as an authority for you yet?

    1. Thanks, Dre! It feels like everyone is talking about natural hair, but a lot of it is repeating what they’ve heard from each other. That’s fine on its face, but when I started hearing conflicting information, then I had to pull back and reassess. So far, I like Green Beauty, NappyFu, Fusions of Cultures, Duchess Gabrielle, Finally Amber, Curly Proverbs, ife360, Lyda Micheals, and Angel Goffney. They’re probably my faves. When I go through their older videos, I’ve been able to find helpful information and they all really sound like they know what they are talking about from personal experience. Let me know if there are others I can add to the list!

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