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Sliding in real quick…

I did not mean to just drop away like that.  But it got to a point where I was either going to be half-hearted with my posts/content or I’d have to take a break.  I opted for the latter.  And even though I’m not quite ready to come back full time, I had a moment today and decided to share a hair/life update.  As many of you who follow my Instagram stories know, I had a baby boy back in May.  And let’s just say having two kids has been a shock to my system and completely transformed my day to day.  I wouldn’t say that I have regained control and order yet, but I have made marked improvements since May.

Hair Update:

With my new normal, a consistent hair regimen has been no where to be seen.  I have done my best to at least wash and deep condition my hair monthly.  But even when those days come along, roller setting or styling my hair does not always happen.  Pictured above is one of those rare days where I was able to pull out a full wash day and roller set.

Right before giving birth, I braided my hair and I kept them in for about 2 months.

I did my pre-relaxer wash day for the July 4th weekend — pre-poo, shampoo, protein treatment, deep condition, and straighten my roots.  This time I flat ironed my hair and used Aphogee’s Two-Step Keratin Treatment as my protein treatment. I’ve been loving the results with this, so I plan to continue using it for my protein treatments before relaxing.

The following week, I relaxed my hair at 22.5 weeks post relaxer.  Since then I’ve sorta maintained my spotty wash routine.  Within the last few months, postpartum shedding has been in full swing.  My temples are depleted, but thankfully the shedding has slowed down significantly over the last two weeks.  Based on my count, I’m about 17 weeks post relaxer.  This weekend, I will be installing box braids again, so that I don’t have to deal with my hair over the holidays.  After I remove the box braids, the plan is to relax and be back with a relaxer update. If all goes according to plan, I’ll also be able to blog, vlog and post more regularly.

Thanks to those who have stuck around.  I know you didn’t have to and appreciate you for it!  xoxo

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