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I Switched My (Protective) Style Up

New Protective StyleOne thing about me and my hair journey is that I am pretty consistent with what I do.  And one of my main constants is protective styling with a bun.  Before this summer, I was sure that I would be a bun wearer for life.  But things changed abruptly after experimenting with a new protective style.  I’m not even sure what prompted me to try this flat twisted halo hairstyle, but ever since that day, I haven’t put my hair into a bun at all!  Shocking, right?   

What I like about this new protective style:

  1. It doesn’t require as much tension on my hair.  Making sure that my edges lay respectfully daily does require tension, which can cause breakage — no matter how gentle I try to be.  And recently I’ve noticed that my hair along the front perimeter is shorter/thinner than the rest of my hair.  I’m hoping this low tension style will allow that section of my hair to grow without breaking as much.
  2. The upkeep is minimal.  I create the style on wash day and leave it there until the next wash day.  At night, I wear my satin scarf to keep my hair in place. Nice and easy.
  3. No hair tools needed.  After I create the two flat twists, I tuck my ends into the flat twists and that’s it.  It’s great because this eliminates the constant pressure from hair ties wrapping around my hair when I wear buns.  Yes, I change the position of my buns to help alleviate that, but with this ‘do there really aren’t any high pressure locations anymore.

With all the advantages to this new protective style, I still need to be careful.  Like many protective styles, this one traps my shed hairs too.  My flat twisted halo is left untouched for 4-5 (sometimes 7) days at a time, which adds up to a lot of shed hairs.  With each wash day, I make sure that I detangle well and remove my shed hairs.  But I still find that after repeating this style back to back for more than two weeks, my nape gets tangled and matted.  To address this issue, I’ve been doing roller sets more often lately.  When I need to take a break from my flat twisted halo, it’s been my go-to style since it requires thorough detangling sessions.   With that taken care of, all that’s left for me to do is to enjoy this new protective style.

Have you tried any new protective styles this summer?

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8 thoughts on “I Switched My (Protective) Style Up

  1. I love this style and it is one of my favorites too! I go back and for between braids and twists and use different parting.

  2. Lovely! This is one of my go-to hairstyles when I’m on my stretch, but my favourite style is the crochet braids as it’s what gives me the most length retention with the least breakage when I take them out.

  3. I’ve been wearing this style since high school when I started doing my own hair but yet didn’t know what I was doing. It was my go-to when my curling iron didn’t handle business like it was supposed. Fast forward many MANY years later I still rock it when my was and go or twist out doesn’t act right.

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