Kid's Hair Care

Hair Products for My Baby Girl

Hair Products for My Baby Girl

I must admit, I’m not as regimented and precise with my daughter’s hair care as I am with my own.  The few things that I have purchased for her in the past were just ok (or terrible).  And the rest of the stuff that I use in her hair are from my own hair stash, which isn’t necessarily geared towards natural hair care.  This week, I decided to purchase some new hair products just for her. I mean, yeah she’s only 18 months but she deserves to have her own hair stash, right? …it’s never too early for healthy hair care. 🙂  

Cleansing and Moisturizing Hair Products

To shampoo, I was using baby shampoo.  And to moisturize her hair, I was using my Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-in. But I wanted to switch to something that was more geared towards a child’s hair.  That is where the Curly Kids came in.  I saw Kendra Chantel’s review on this line and once she said that the products were only $5 I was game.  An extra bonus was that Sally’s had them for $3.79 and there was a Buy 2 Get 1 free sale that I took advantage of — double score!!

Hair Styling Products

I do my best when it comes to styling my daughter’s hair, but I need to improve my skills, especially with braided/twisted styles. No matter what style I attempt on her hair it is always super frizzy (to the point where it looks like she’s rocking a short fro).  And the fact that I try to get the braided styles to last 3-4 days at a time doesn’t really help the situation.  I browsed the store for a styling product that might help to improve the results I’ve been getting, which led me to the Elasta QP Feels Like Silk Liquid Styling gel.  I was a little weary about using a gel type product on her hair, but some of the other kids brands carried a similar product.  And this Elasta QP one says that it is safe for regular use on children and it washes out easily.  Hopefully, I have some success with these products.

…now the Silk Elements Keraminerals Conditioner is all mine!  lol.  You know how I feel about that stuff 💞.

If you’ve used any of these hair products, let me know how you used it and what you thought of them? I’d also love to hear any tips about children’s natural hair care (or natural hair care in general) that you want to share with me?  I’m all ears!

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