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Hair Goals — I’m coming for you!

2016 Hair GoalsWith relaxer day being right around the corner, I can’t help but think about my main-main goal.  Waist length has been alluding me since forever.  Back when I started my hair journey back in 2009, I thought I would have surely reached waist length hair by now.  Heck, I probably thought I’d be hip length by now.  But seven years later and I’m hoping that: (1) my ends are in good shape,  (2) I’ve retained 2-3 inches, and (3) I can finally claim waist length.  

I’ve been ridiculously close before, but my ends haven’t held up long enough for me to stay there and retain.  Let’s hope the increased moisture and protein that I’ve inserted into my hair regimen has been working for me.

January 2015 (#FlashbackFriday)

January 2015 Relaxer Length Check

What hair goal(s) have you been eyeing?

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