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Hair Diary | My First Wig

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind for years (literally) about the idea of using a wig to protectively style.  But because of the high price tags that come with the ones that look natural, I’ve only browsed a few internet sites and imagined if I could be bold enough to rock a wig as a protective style.  Of course as novice to the wig game, I wanted something that mimicked my actual hair.  I wasn’t looking for style versatility — just an option for wearing “my hair” down without actually having to style and manipulate my own hair.


Fast forward to last weekend, I decided to buy two tester wigs just to play around with the idea of wearing a wig.  I did minimal research on the actual ones that I purchased.  I looked at the reviews on the website I was ordering from and checked the internet for pictures of women wearing the wig.  After a few quick searches, I was satisfied with what I saw and decided to order the wigs.  I ended up buying two Outre lace front wigs.  I chose the Natural Yaki 18″ ($21.99) and Natural Yaki 24″ ($13.99).  Both of the wigs are synthetic hair and I got them in the color 1B.  I chose the Natural Yaki because my understanding is that the “Yaki” texture most closely mimics our relaxed hair texture.


Yesterday, my package arrived and I was super excited to dive into this new world that up until now, I’ve only watched from the sidelines.  I recorded the whole ordeal in my latest YouTube video, which you can watch below.  But my thoughts after trying the wig on:


[1] The hair on this unit is lovely.  It does look like relaxed hair.  I thought it might be too shiny because it is made with synthetic hair but it’s not.  It has a nice natural sheen and the hair feels very soft.


[2] My head is big.  I struggled to get the wig on my head, lol.


[3] The closure on this wig still looks wiggy.  The part is small and there are a lot of hairs surrounding the part which don’t make it look natural on me.  I may need to pluck some of the hairs from the part, but for now I’m just going to leave it.


[4] I’m not going outside with this wig.  I just need a moment or a few months to wrap my head around the idea of wearing the wig on my head.  I’m not afraid that it will fly off or anything, I just need to get used to wearing a hat of hair on my head, lol.


[5] Maybe if I could get used to the idea of wearing the wig and I felt like I could find a wig that worked well with my personality and face shape, then I could see myself actually shelling out the money for a quality lace or lace front wig.


Here’s the video:

Wig Details: Outre Natural Yaki 18″ (and a 24″ but I haven’t opened that one yet) in the color 1B.

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