Hot Oils and a Silk Wrap! | Week 20 of My 24 Week Relaxer Stretch Attempt

I joined Jay and Jen’s 30 Day Hot Oil Treatment Challenge.  For most of this stretch I’ve been deep conditioning as a pre-poo treatment.  With this challenge I think it will be a nice change of pace to switch back to hot oil treatments.  My first wash day on the challenge, I’m using Olive Oil and Castor Oil on my scalp and hair.  Since I feel like I’ve hit a big milestone with my relaxer stretch this week, I decided to straighten my hair as well.  I will be attempting a silk wrap and my goal is to do a better job than I did last July when I was 11 weeks post relaxer.

I applied the hot oil, massaged my scalp and let it marinate overnight. The next day I shampooed my hair in three braids (Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthening Shampoo).  I deep conditioned for 30 minutes under a hooded dryer (KeraMinerals Smoothing Deep Conditioner).  Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer,  GVP The Conditioner and Proclaim Wrap Foam were my leave-ins before setting my hair with gray magnetic rollers. I sat under the hooded dryer for 2 hours so that it would dry completely.  When I removed my rollers, I applied Elasta QP Serum to my hair (focusing on my new growth) and prepared to section my hair for flat ironing.  My flat iron was set to 410 degrees fahrenheit as I went through and straightened my roots.  When I got to the front sections I lowered it to 370 degrees fahrenheit.  I wrapped my hair as smoothly as I could and secured it with seran wrap.  I went back under the hooded dryer for another 15 minutes.  And viola!
I recorded a video of the entire process and compared the results to my last silk wrap video.  
Check it out if you’ve got some time!

And just for fun a length check 🙂
Let me just say before you go that the KeraMinerals is amazing!  You will see in the video how easy it is for me to comb through my hair after rinsing the conditioner.  I love it when air drying and it is just as wonderful when using heat.  I did finish the last of it with this wash day, so I’ll be heading to Sally’s to repurchase another jar this weekend.  The Shea Moisture JBCO Shampoo is not as bad as I remembered (I think the hot oil pre-poo treatment may have helped me avoid the dryness and stiffness I got last time).  Overall an amazing wash day.  (I know it was a lot of heat, but I rarely use heat these days so I’m not concerned about any long term damage.  Plus I won’t be using heat again for another 3-4 weeks. )
For those of you stretching your relaxers, 
where are you now and how is it going?
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    Your ends are looking really nice. WHatever you are doing is working, kep up the good work till 24weeks.

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    Thank you, Tomes! They do taper at the ends still, but I have been working very hard to preserve the ends that I have with the protein layer theory that Yahya told me about. With that I think/I'm hoping that they haven't gotten any worse.

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    Your ends are looking good and your hair is so healthy, bouncy and thick. I tried stretching my hair beyond 12 weeks but it was a tangled mess. I'll try to stretch again for maybe about 4months and will try the Kera conditioner perhaps it will help. Was washing in braids beneficial, did it help to reduce tangles?

    Thanks for the stretching series and the products used they are very helpful.

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    Your hair looks great Kim, all your work is definitely paying off

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    Your doing great on your stretch Kim. I have currently three months post and will be relaxing at 6 months. I only relaxer twice a year anyway. But this past year I stretched for a year!

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    Thanks, Keda. I am in love with the keraminerals and I hope you like it too.

    Washing in sections probably does help with tangles too, but I like to do it so that I can get the shampoo all over my scalp without disturbing my hair too much.

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    Thanks, Keoshia! Your year long stretch was one of the ones that inspired me to give 6 months a try. Hopefully, this will become a consistent thing for me. And good luck with your current stretch.

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    You're managing your stretch very well!! I've never seen that Elasta Qp Serum before.

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      Thank you! I randomly bought it a few years ago. Since then I’ve been using it to protect my ends on relaxer day because I rarely use heat, lol. But it gives me a nice shine when I do use it with heat.

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    Your ends look so good! You've got me wondering why I've never tried KeraMinerals before lol

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    Your hair looks great. Your ends look healthy. Everything is on point! Kera Minerals is my honey boo thang. It's really come and knocked everything else out of the water.

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    Thank you! I randomly bought it a few years ago. Since then I've been using it to protect my ends on relaxer day because I rarely use heat, lol. But it gives me a nice shine when I do use it with heat.

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    Thanks! lol, it's been hiding out at Sally's. I'm sure I had overlooked it many times over.

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    Thank you. I feel the same way when it comes to air drying with all this new growth. Nothing comes close.

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    You hair is long now!! Looks really thick!

    Do you always put in so many product in your hair after having washed it?

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    Thanks, Lisa! If I'm air drying I just use one leave-in conditioner. When I am heat styling my hair I normally just use the Aphogee Keratin Spray and/or the GVP Conditioner. But I wanted to speed up my drying time, so I used the Proclaim Wrap foam too. If my ends didn't need extra protein, I would have just used the GVP The Conditioner; that's my main leave-in treatment when heat styling my hair.

    …the Elasta QP Serum was for the seran wrap part.

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