YouTube Channels Featuring Relaxed Hair Care in 2015 (Texlaxed too)

Let me start with…I love all healthy hair.  But today, I’ve got a list of Youtube Channels featuring all the Relaxed Hair ladies that I follow because sometimes it’s hard to find a YouTube channel that actively (and currently) posts content geared towards their relaxed hair journey.  Back in 2013 I did a video shouting out the relaxed hair channels I followed at that time, but two years later that video is very out of date.  So I thought wouldn’t it be great to update that attempt with a blog post listing the YouTube channels that currently feature relaxed hair care, tutorials, and their personal hair journeys.  Below you will find all the lovely ladies that I follow and one of their more recent videos (listed in alphabetical order.)  It’s kind of long… but if you end up subscribing, let them know I sent you!

Relaxed ~ Shoulder Length
Angelica Weaver
Relaxed ~ Neck Length

Texlaxed ~ Shoulder Length
Babilon Kay
Relaxed ~ Waist Length
Blessed Beyond Beauty
Relaxed ~ Shoulder Length
Brianne Live
Relaxed ~ Midback Length
Candra Evans
Relaxed ~ Armpit Length
Relaxed ~ Armpit Length
Relaxed ~ Armpit Length
Ebony Parry
Relaxed ~ Waist Length
Forever Steelo
Relaxed ~ Neck Length
Fresh Lengths
Transitioning from Relaxed to Texlaxed ~ Midback Length
GrowWithNikki Gaga
Relaxed ~ Shoulder Length
Relaxed ~ Waist Length
Healthy Afro Hair
Relaxed ~ Brastrap Length
Kat De Love
Relaxed ~ Midback Length
Relaxed ~ Armpit Length
Relaxed ~ Shoulder Length
Madam Gemini
Transitioning from Relaxed to Texlaxed ~ Midback Length
Relaxed ~ Midback Length
Texlaxed ~ Waist Length
Relaxed ~ Armpit Length
Relaxed ~ Shoulder Length
That It Girl
Relaxed ~ Neck Length
Texlaxed ~ Waist Length
Relaxed ~ Longer than Hip Length
Texlaxed ~ Waist Length
Relaxed ~ Waist Length
VivHairTherapy Ja
Relaxed ~ Armpit Length
Xoxo Abbi-Jo
Texlaxed ~ Waist Length
yanii torres
Relaxed ~ Hip Length
…and of course me
Relaxed ~ Midback Length
If I missed anyone, feel free to leave a link to their latest relaxed hair video down below.  
Only Youtube Channels featuring relaxed hair vloggers, please! 
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    O wow Kim thanks for including me I was just looking to see who new I could follow, I didn't expect to be on the list! Thanks for the support and love!! You have some great people on your list.

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    No problem! Looking forward to your new videos, Keoshia (aka MrsDoingMe)!

    P.S. LOVING your new protective style! I want one too!

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    Amazing list! Ms. Divachyk (Jay) up above should be on the list too! I am so happy to be included! Thank you!!

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    Some of these ladies I already follow but they update very inconsistently. I understand that it is time consuming to keep updated but I stop subscribing to some if they dont update within 6 months or so.

    That is also why i prefer blogs to vlogs. it is less demanding and bloggers seem to update much more frequent.
    Of the ones above I subscribe to and that are my favorites are Fresh Length and Tabbi1. I used to subscribe to TressedforSuccess but the videos comes so seldomly. Will check out some of the others you suggest.

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    Awesome post Kim! I'm always looking for new people to follow and there's a couple people on your list who I didn't know about before. Thank you so much for putting me up there. I always find it hard to be consistent with YouTube as it takes so much longer to put together a video rather than a blog post but I'm trying! x

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    Thanks, Alana! I had no idea Jay did YouTube videos! How did a miss that? I feel like I'm on her blog all the time! Thanks for letting me know. And you are welcome!

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    I can completely understand your sentiments. But I think because I do both blog and vlog (and try my hardest to post on both at least weekly and month, respectively), I have a soft spot for those who aren't able to do it. Because like you mentioned it can be difficult at times. Coming up with fresh/interesting content and having the time to do it as well takes work. But I do agree that a six month hiatus is a bit much and starts to look like, you've abandoned the channel/blog. And I can totally understand why you unsubscribe from very inactive/inconsistent uploaders. It can be annoying as a subscriber. But I digress. I'm glad you already like some of the ladies on the list and I hope you find some new ones to enjoy! And as always, thanks for commenting, Lisa!

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    You're welcome, Lesley! I completely agree, but I like to think that as long as it appears that we are making an attempt to upload consistently most viewers/subscribers will understand whatever upload "schedule" we adopt.

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    Ah snap! TY for visiting my blog. I do YouTube videos as well. Your article made Black Hair Info weekly roundup. Go girl!

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    Lisa, thanks for giving your thoughts and I will take that into consideration as a blogger/vlogger. I was just telling my husband that I would love to do more YT vids but I have this thing where, I hate rambling and a lot of times, ladies make videos just to ramble about whatever the topic is of the day. That is crazy to me yet that have a million views. I guess I better get to rambling more.

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    Great list, I will certainly check out the ladies I don't already follow.

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    Fantastic list, thank you so much for creating this. I am looking very forwarding to subscribing to these ladies. I recently cut my hair from nearly waist length to just past BSL, so this will be great inspiration and motivation. So many youtubers I used to watch are transitioning to natural; now I have new peeps to follow. 🙂

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    I am happy to hear that! I'm also always searching youtube for new relaxed hair channels. So I knew if I was doing it there had to be others out there searching as well. I hope you enjoy these channels, Shawnie.

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    Thank you for including me! And thank you for this list! There are a few ladies listed that I have never seen before. Heading over to subscribe to their channels now. 🙂

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