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How I Care for My Daughter’s Hair

While I’m not claiming to be any sort of expert in the matter, I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing with my daughter’s hair since day one. ¬†For the most part it’s been trial and error, but hopefully it’ll be of assistance to someone.

Month 1…
For her very first bath at home we lathered her hair with the same baby soap used to wash her and quickly realized that she really didn’t need to wash her hair with soap every bath time. ¬†So, after about a week, we decided to just run water over her hair during bath time and we didn’t apply any hair products.
Months 2-3…
I used Kroger Brand Olive Oil
By this time we noticed that she had cradle cap, which is this thick flaky crust that develops on her scalp. ¬†To get rid of that I would massage olive oil on to her scalp and hair before bath time. ¬†Then I’d use a comb to flake up the cradle cap. ¬†Then I would follow up by shampooing with the baby soap. ¬†I’d do this whenever I noticed the cradle cap coming back, which was like once every other week.
Months 4-6…
I started playing around with conditioner washing her hair. ¬†I quickly realized that some of my conditioners irritated her eyes when I would rinse, so I ended up using more natural conditioners and oils. ¬†Her favorites were the Darcey’s Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner, Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil. ¬† However, most days we were just using water to re-wet/moisturize her hair so that I could finger detangle. ¬†At this point I also¬†began applying leave-ins because the back of her hair started feeling dry. ¬†We used Darcy’s Lemongrass Transitioning Cream or Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream after each bath time, focusing on the back of her hair where it is dryer. ¬†
Months 7-9…
By the time she was 7 months her hair started knotting up more, so I purchased ORS’s kids detangler. ¬†This stuff is great, it makes detangling her hair a breeze and it’s moisturizing to her hair as well. ¬†I started using this once a week, but now I’m up to using this to detangle two to three times a week now. ¬†And I’m still use the Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream to moisturize her hair throughout the week. ¬†Shampoo isn’t really a part of her hair care routine. ¬†Maybe once a month I haphazardly decide to shampoo her scalp and I use the baby soap to do it, but I’m not certain that she needs it. ¬†I guess we’ll see.
Avoiding the bald spot in the back…
Wearing my satin bonnet.
From day one, I was diligent about laying her head on a satin scarf or on my satin bonnet. ¬†It wasn’t 100% effective because the hair back there was shorter than the hair at the top of her head, but it wasn’t bald. ¬†However, when she started daycare (around month 3/4), they wouldn’t allow her to have anything in her crib (afraid of SIDS) so that was the end of the 24/7 cotton protection. ¬†And after a week I could see the hair ¬†at the back of her head was dryer and the bald spot started to emerge. ¬†She currently still has the bald spot, but now that she is more mobile and can sit up on her own the hair is starting to grow back in that area.

She wears an afro every day because I’m not sure that her hair/scalp is strong enough to handle tension hair styles like braids and the one pictured at the top. ¬†I do practice my skills here and there, but I don’t keep the styles in for long.

At what age do you think it would be appropriate to start regularly styling her hair like in the first picture?
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  1. My daughter had cradle cap also. I used organic coconut oil and EVOO until the cap was gone. After that I used either the Aveeno or The honest company baby wash and shampoo as its tear-free and has has a lot of soothing ingredients like oat extract. As far as styling I did mostly finger coils up to about age 1 and when her texture started to change I did 2 strand twist and styled the twist by tying them with ribbons.

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