My First Wash Day Experience | Roller Set Results

This roller set came out so nicely, I had to share it with you guys.  I shampooed with Generic Value Products Tea Tree Shampoo.  I deep conditioned for 45 minutes with Nexxus Humectress and 2 tsps of castor oil.  After rinsing the deep conditioner, I applied Apogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer, Generic Value Products The Conditioner and Proclaim Foaming Wrap Lotion to my hair.  Next I roller set my hair using the popular mohawk method.  After sitting under the hooded dryer for about an hour, but I wasn’t confident that my hair was dry but it was really late.  So, I took a chance and went to sleep with the rollers still in my hair.  I thought for sure that it was going to be the worst night’s sleep ever, but it wasn’t too bad.  I took my hair down in the morning and created a few pin curls just to gather the curls.  Once I finished getting ready, I released the pin curls and sprayed my ends with Sebastian Shaper Plus Holding Spray. I combed through the roots leaving the curls at the ends of my hair undisturbed. (See this video for a visual demonstration).


My hair was so soft and bouncy.  I loved the results.
This is also my first wash day experience post. 🙂 I hope I’m doing this right!
The Wash Day Experience
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    Your hair looks so great. Very bouncy and i can't imagine how uncomfy your night rest must have been. Welcome to the linkup.

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    Thanks, Tomes! I think I was so tired that the discomfort wasn't enough to wake me, lol.

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    You do the best roller sets you make it look so easy. Always gorgeous and love the makeup too. What is the name/color of your lip gloss?

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    Welcome to the #WashDayExperience Kim! As usual your roller set was turnt up! lol
    Am definitely going to use your tutorial when I attempt mines! Love the fullness and fluffiness of your hair.

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    Thanks for the welcome, ladies! Sometimes I do two pin curls/bantu knot-esque twists at night to preserve the curliness for another day or two. But it's never as curly and defined as day one. Instead it looks loosely tousled and/or wavy.

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    beautiful results! you've just made me miss roller sets 🙂

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    Loved your results, do you experience breakage upon removing your roller sets ( I do & want to minimize it) and does the Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer leave your hair feeling hard/proteiny?

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    I don't experience breakage when removing the rollers. It could be that you are applying too much of the Aphogee Restructurizer. Because it's a protein leave-in, I always use it with a moisturizing leave-in treatment to avoid hard hair. I hope this helps, mzdann!

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