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I’m Joining The Castor Oil Challenge!

This post is going to serve as my starting place for the Hairlicious Inc.: Castor Oil Challenge Part 9.  I will be participating at the intermediate level, which requires that I: (1)  apply castor oil to my scalp twice a week followed by a 2-5 minute scalp massage and (2) add one teaspoon of castor oil to my weekly deep conditioner.

Lately, I’ve been slacking on my weekly hair routine.  But hopefully the weekly DC component to this challenge will also help to get me back on track with my weekly hair regimen.

Length Check Before Castor Oil
My Problem Areas Before Castor Oil

The challenge starts today, January 25, 2015 and runs through April 25, 2015.  That’s three months of serious castor oil use.  I’ll be posting my results at the conclusion of this challenge.  If any of you are interested, feel free to join in!

Click Here to see my Challenge Results.


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2 thoughts on “I’m Joining The Castor Oil Challenge!

  1. Hi Kim! I wish you the best with this challenge! I'm a little late, but I think I may do this as a personal challenge as well.

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