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2015: What I’m Looking Forward To…

My Blog! One thing’s for certain, I’m looking forward to blogging and vlogging on a more regular basis.  I’ve had to juggle a bit more these days, but I want to push myself to not let things I enjoy fall by the wayside just because there is more on my plate.  I miss blogging and vlogging, so I’m am looking forward to what’s to come for 2015.

 Waist/Hip Length Hair.  I’ve been chasing this length for years now and it’s about time I finally tackle that goal.  With a major trim just around the corner, it may or may not be an attainable goal for this year, but I just refuse to table it.  Got to keep my eyes on the prize!

Twist-Outs. I’d love to rock a twist out more than once a year, but it is so difficult for me to flat twist my own hair.  I don’t know why I struggle with it so much.  Even though I understand how to create the flat twist in theory, when it comes down to actually putting the twists in my hair they look so homely.  That homeliness also results in a chaotic looking twist out.  I know I can make my twist outs great.  I just need some more practice.

My Hair Product Stash.  This one is a carry over from last year.  January 2014, I started going through the products in my hair product stash and I thought for sure that I would have been able to get rid of the excess by now.  But I still have more products to get through.  I’m pretty confident I can get my product stash down to just the staples this year.

Exploring Natural Hair Care.  As you may (or may not) know, I’ve got a daughter with natural hair that I do not plan on relaxing.  I know the basics are pretty much the same, but there are definitely some different things (styles, products, techniques) that I will need to wrap my head around the when caring for her natural hair health.  So far she doesn’t have much of a hair regimen because she’s only 4 months.  But I have been saturating her hair and scalp with olive oil before washing it to get rid of her cradle cap.  Other than that, I just shampoo with her baby shampoo and lay her head on one of my satin scarves when she sleeps at night. I don’t know when the appropriate time would be to get a real regimen started for her, but I’m looking forward to finding all this out.

Happy New Year Everyone!
What are you looking forward to this year?
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12 thoughts on “2015: What I’m Looking Forward To…

  1. You have some great goals and I feel all are attainable. I need to vlog more, that's for sure but time is so limited. Your daughter is gorgeous! Congrats, again. Wishing you all the best in 2015, with all that gorgeous hair.

  2. Your daughter is definitely a cutie. I'm hoping to blog and even vlog more than I did in 2014. Wishing you success in all your goals!

  3. Aww. You daughter is a doll!! I'm looking forward to blogging more, learning about my natural hair, getting fit, and growing my hair!! Last year I cut sp many time in order to get rid of the relaxed ends. Finally I can focus on growth!

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