Product Reviews

The Best and the Worst of 2015

If 2014 was minimalistic, then 2015 was haulerific.  This year, I’ve been making big changes with my hair regimen and I’ve been shopping too! lol.  I didn’t share all my hauls with you guys (my bad), but I enjoyed buying new hair goodies and testing them out, especially deep conditioners.  Of course it was no fun when I found duds,…

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Protective Styling, Videos

Hair Diary | My First Wig

I’ve been going back and forth in my mind for years (literally) about the idea of using a wig to protectively style.  But because of the high price tags that come with the ones that look natural, I’ve only browsed a few internet sites and imagined if I could be bold enough to rock a wig as a protective style.…

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6 Month Stretch, Oils, Roller Setting, Silk Wrap, Videos, Wash Day

Hot Oils and a Silk Wrap! | Week 20 of My 24 Week Relaxer Stretch Attempt

I joined Jay and Jen’s 30 Day Hot Oil Treatment Challenge.  For most of this stretch I’ve been deep conditioning as a pre-poo treatment.  With this challenge I think it will be a nice change of pace to switch back to hot oil treatments.  My first wash day on the challenge, I’m using Olive Oil and Castor Oil on my…

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