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This Postpartum Shedding is Too Real.

I had all these plans for how I was going to conquer postpartum shedding — tea rinses (black and green), prenatal vitamins, low manipulation styles, no heat… nothing has worked.  It’s hard to not be worried about where my hair will be once this shedding finally levels off because my hair falls out all the time and everywhere.  Most of the “research” I’ve done says that I just have to let it run its course, but I’m continuing to do all of the above (and thinking about adding garlic to my deep conditioner or hot oil treatment too) — it certainly couldn’t hurt.
Here’s what I lose when running my fingers through my hair to moisturize my ponytail (top right) and when roller setting (bottom right), which does not include what I lost while detangling while pre-pooing and shampooing.
But as you can see (above) my airdried ponytail still looks alright. It’s been about a month of this madness and I’m just hoping that the end is around the corner.  
EDITED TO ADD: Yesterday, I noticed that my edges are thinner, which I’m attributing to this shedding. I’ve started applying Jamaican Black Castor Oil to encourage (re)growth in that area. The picture on the left was yesterday and the right one is from a few months ago.

Have you experienced postpartum shedding?  
How long did it last?  How did you cope?  
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6 thoughts on “This Postpartum Shedding is Too Real.

  1. Did you get thicker hair during pregnancy?

    Sorry to hear about your stress but the reality is, though a lot of hair fellows don't understamd it, hair growth is decided by genetics, hormones and the health of the body. Once it is out of your head, you can't do anything about it. You can ad garlic, tea, butterflies to it but it will not affect the hair growth. The hair you touch and see, is dead. It can never be healthy. Dead as the panel in a wooden floor. You can, cosmetically make it shine and look nice (just as you can with wooden floors 🙂 but it has nothing to do with health. If you BODY is healthy, the hair growth is more likely to grow better. The kind of hormones you have now is affecting your hair but it is not forever. Will probably change some times after you stop breast feeding
    Eat healthy, drink healthy, excercise, that's the best way to get good quality hair 🙂

    You ve given somebody a life! That is bigger than any hair 🙂

  2. Hey Lisa,

    Yes, my hair did get a lot thicker while I was pregnant and in the last few months I noticed that my hair wasn't shedding at all on most wash days. As great as it was to have the thicker hair, I was fully prepared for increased shedding once I had my daughter and my hormone levels returned back to almost normal. But still I was hopeful that these methods would help to slow down the postpartum hair loss (at the very least) — especially since they helped address my shedding in the past. Even though the shedding that I am seeing is shocking, I'd like to think that since these methods are helping to minimize the shedding (even it's barely making an impact). Plus, based on what I've seen to date, I'm just not interested in seeing how much more shedding I could see by not doing anything.

  3. My postpartum shedding began 9-10 months after I gave birth. It wasn't too severe but it was definitely annoying. Plus I was breastfeeding and that cause shedding/breakage around the hairline from what I heard. What really helped me was introducing Tropic Isle Living Red Pimento Oil into my regimen through a challenge that took place on I would massage the perimeter of my hair line every other day prior to washing. I also left it in my scalp while I deep conditioned under heat for maximum penetration. After 3 months or so it grew back fuller. Just give your hair time 🙂 You'll be okay.

    Here's a link to my post:

  4. Thanks, Sunshyne! I think it's finally leveled off (it still sheds a lot but it's not getting any worse thankfully). I've been applying JBCO on my temples in the hopes that it helps with the thin edges. I'm almost out of JBCO, so I will definitely be looking into the Red Pimento Oil. I've never heard of it. …off to check out that link!

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