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30 Days With Ceramides

This is the wrap up post to my 30 Days with Ceramides Challenge.  I challenged myself to use ceramide containing products for the month of July.  I had two wash days while on this challenge and below you’ll find what I used as well as how it impacted my hair.

How I Incorporated Ceramides.
Silk Wrap On Relaxed Hair – I deep conditioned with Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner and I used Proclaim Spray On Glosser as a finishing spray.  Both of these products contain Wheat Germ Oil (Ceramide).  And my hair was incredibly soft and smooth at the end.

Relaxer Update | July 2014 – I used Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner as my mid step protein treatment for 5 minutes; I used Nexxus Humectress Ultimate Moisturizing Conditioner to deep condition for about 30 minutes; and I used Proclaim Spray On Glosser right before flat ironing my hair.  And again with this wash day my hair was very soft, sleek, and smooth with a natural shine/sheen to it.

My Challenge Recap.
In the end the difference I saw (and have come to expect) from using products that contain ceramides is softer smoother results.  And this is why I try to incorporate it some how with every wash day.  I don’t always use a ceramide hair product but when I don’t use a ceramide product, I can always tell the difference.  That’s no shade to the products that don’t have ceramides because my other hair products (the ones that don’t have ceramides in them) give my hair other boosts that it needs (moisture, elasticity, strength, protection, etc.).  But the softness and smoothness is a bonus that I’ve come to expect from the products that contain ceramides.  Pictures can only show you so much, but I’m telling you try out a product that contains ceramides (or ceramide technology) and tell me you can’t feel the difference in your hair.

How do you feel about ceramides?  
Have you tried products containing them?
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4 thoughts on “30 Days With Ceramides

  1. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge! I absolutely agree re: feeling the difference when using products that contain ceramides. Ceramides have definitely hooked me onto preferring smooth tresses. Using a finishing spray that contains ceramides sounds like a great end to a wash day. Thank you for sharing and linking up your recap!

  2. Thank you so much for participating in the challenge and giving an awesome recap! I'm so excited that you could tell a difference in your hair. I oil rinse almost every wash day to incorporate ceramides. I can always tell when I skip this step. My hair isn't as shiny and it's not as manageable. Again, thank you.

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