Happy Hair Weekend.

While looking for a “throwback Thursday” picture for Instagram this week, I came across the pictures from this roller set where I was trying to find a combination of hair products that would add shine to my hair.  My previous “recipe” called for:

  • Pre-poo/Hot Oil Treatment
    • Ceramide containing Oil.  This time I used African Royale Hot 6 Oil
  • Shampoo
    • Chelating Shampoo. Mizani Phormula-7 Chelating and Neutralizing Shampoo
  • Instant Conditioner
    • Low pH product to close the cuticle layer of hair. Roux Porosity Control 
  • Deep Conditioner
    • Ceramide/Smoothing Moisturizing Deep Conditioner. Nexxus Humectress.
  • Leave-In
    • Moisturizing leave-in known for giving sleek results when used with heat. GVP Conditioner
    • Protein leave-in with heat protectant. Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer

I had been itching to wear my hair out for some time now and so this rediscovery came right on time.  It’s a tested regimen that has a high likelihood of giving good roller set results, so I was actually excited to wash my hair on Friday. (Lately it’s been feeling like a chore).  Here are the results:

I was recording as I took down and styled this roller set. *fingers crossed* I’ll have the video edited and uploaded by next weekend.  I’ll add the link [here] once it’s up.

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    Gorgeous results Kim. This is a reminder that I need to put roller sets on my to do list.

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    Beautiful results Kim. Your hair looks so smooth and bouncy, love it! x

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    Lush…simply lush….
    Your hair is gorgeous.

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    Gorgeous results! I've been feeling the same way about my wash days as of lately…I think I'll give rollersetting a try next week to help me get out that funk!

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    Thank you, Lesley! That's exactly what I was going for. I had an extra pep in my step because of it too, lol.

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    Lovely results. I feel u on wash days feeling like a chore. The further into my transition I go the more I feel like it's a chore. I protective style is much needed for me.

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    Thank you, Courtnea! Yeah, I hate that wash days were starting to feel like a chore. But I guess that's just what happens some times!

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    Thank you! Maybe that's something I should look into, because I really don't want my hair to suffer due to laziness.

    Good luck to on your transition, I had no idea that you were transitioning. By the way, cute twist out this morning!

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    Love your roller set results! I always do love roller setting, but they do make the wash day ever so longer! The end results is always worth it (most of the time )

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    Your hair so gorgeous. Great results.

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    You're so right. Especially compared to the time and work it takes to wash and air dry. But lately I've been able to set my hair in 20-25 minutes, which is lightening speed for me.

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