Relaxer Update | February 2014

Last weekend, I ended my stretch at 12 weeks.  I used Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer (No-Lye) and most of my relaxer day regulars.  With my last stretch, my focus was to continue avoiding heat with the hopes that it would help with my breaking ends.  But when that didn’t really do anything to address my thinning ends, I made some additional tweaks to my hair regimen, which I posted about last week.  I still avoided heat but I wasn’t shy about drying my roller sets under a hooded dryer either (almost every week after 8 weeks post relaxer).   As you can see in the pictures and video footage below, my tweaks are working.  My ends aren’t perfect, but they aren’t getting worse, which is what was happening before.  And I’m so relieved.  I just hope that these improvements keep up over the next 12 weeks.

And before I forget to mention it, I did trim about 1-2 inches from my ends.  But you can see from the length comparisons (March 2013 versus February 2014) I still made some progress despite my ends working against me this whole time.    

March 2013
February 2014
^^^THIS is why I take progress pictures, because they really can just change my whole outlook on the status of my hair and pull me out of a rut. 
Relaxer Update Video 

Thanks so much for rocking with me, ladies.  

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    Yes me too. Progress pics really do encourage me. I am dealing with alot of shedding and breakage. And some times I get discouraged and think of just cutting it all off and starting over. Kinda drastic huh. But when I see my progress pics. It really does help me to not give up. I'm glad your tweaks are working for you. Let's all stay encouraged.

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    gorgeous, simply gorgeous. your ends are thriving…..great job

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    Beautiful Kim. Your ends look wonderful. Great progress x

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    Laisha, you're not being drastic about at all. It can be so frustrating when you put in all the work and take all the right steps but don't see your hair progressing the way it should. I've been right there with you. Taking length check pics help me to see that there is a difference in how my hair looks now versus before. Without it I'd probably have done another major cut by now. Thanks for commenting! We are in this together!

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    Congrats Kim! Your ends look absolutely amazing! It appears those tweaks are working! I am so glad that you were able to incorporate changes and see the results so quickly!!

    Great job! 🙂

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    Thanks, L. Eller. The thin ends are still there, they just aren't creeping up the hair shaft anymore. I'm hoping that I'll have trimmed away all of the thin ends by the end of this year.

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    Great news about your ends! I am trying to save my ends too! Your hair look amazing and your length retention, wow, I can't imagine trimming 2 inches after my relaxer! that would be all my growth gone! hehe

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    Thank, Yvonne! I was surprised by the length retention as well. I felt like I was just maintaining with all of the heavy trims that I've been doing lately. I was very happy to see a little extra length.

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