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Let’s Talk About: Growth Aids!

Claiming a certain length is quintessential to just about every hair journey.   And most of us would certainly be open to trying out new things to get it there faster.  Even with that, you’ll notice that I don’t talk about growth aids much on this blog.  I like to keep things as basic as possible around here because growth…

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My Relaxed Hair, Relaxer Updates, Videos

Relaxer Update | February 2014

Last weekend, I ended my stretch at 12 weeks.  I used Affirm Fiberguard Relaxer (No-Lye) and most of my relaxer day regulars.  With my last stretch, my focus was to continue avoiding heat with the hopes that it would help with my breaking ends.  But when that didn’t really do anything to address my thinning ends, I made some additional…

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My Relaxed Hair, Thinning Ends, Videos

My New Regimen.

With my last  relaxer my ends were in bad shape (again!).  At that point, it was clear to me that I had to re-group and modify my regimen to address this recurring issue.  I did some online research, read some blogs, and asked you guys for advice.  Once I gathered all the information I could on the matter, I began to formulate…

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