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The L.O.C. Method for Skin Care?

Has anyone tried the LOC Method as a part of their skin care routine? I know under normal circumstances this is a bit much, but I’m currently six month pregnant and my stomach is getting noticeably bigger now.  All of that skin stretching going on (in such a short period of time) has me worried about stretch marks.  Plus, I’m…

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Let’s Talk About: Growth Aids!

Claiming a certain length is quintessential to just about every hair journey.   And most of us would certainly be open to trying out new things to get it there faster.  Even with that, you’ll notice that I don’t talk about growth aids much on this blog.  I like to keep things as basic as possible around here because growth…

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Top 10 Hair Products Under $10

This post rounds out the relaxed hair posts that I promised you guys for the month of December.  It’s a little late, but I hope you don’t mind.  It’s my picks for the top ten hair products under $10 and many of the picks are geared specifically towards relaxed/texlaxed ladies.  Below you’ll find a preview of the list, but watch…

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