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This Postpartum Shedding is Too Real.

I had all these plans for how I was going to conquer postpartum shedding — tea rinses (black and green), prenatal vitamins, low manipulation styles, no heat… nothing has worked.  It’s hard to not be worried about where my hair will be once this shedding finally levels off because my hair falls out all the time and everywhere.  Most of…

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My Relaxed Hair, Roller Setting

Hair Update | October 2014

There’s no doubt that my priorities have shifted since having a tiny human to take care of.  These past few weeks, I have not been following my current hair regimen.  Instead of my typical, pre-poo, shampoo, deep condition routine, I’ve been haphazardly co-washing my hair when I could find the time and moisturizing when I could not.  And as much…

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Empties Report: Part 2!

Man! I knew having my daughter was going to throw a wrench into my blogging (Check her out on my Instagram page: @fancyflairlady), but six weeks — sheesh! Sorry about that.  :/ Well, let me tell you that these past few weeks have been iffy for my hair care routine.  Everyone told me that having a baby around was going…

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Black Opal Invisible Oil Blocking Loose Powder | Under-Eye Setting Powder

If you have dark circles and apply concealer and/or corrector to address that issues, then I’m sure that you are all too familiar with the dreaded under eye creasing.  That area of the eye (especially on me) has fine lines that makeup loves to settle into creating little streaks of concentrated makeup under the eye (un-affectionately referred to as ‘creasing’).…

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Ceramides, Challenges

30 Days With Ceramides

This is the wrap up post to my 30 Days with Ceramides Challenge.  I challenged myself to use ceramide containing products for the month of July.  I had two wash days while on this challenge and below you’ll find what I used as well as how it impacted my hair. How I Incorporated Ceramides.Silk Wrap On Relaxed Hair – I…

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