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Beauty Reviews: Tried and Tested

I’m finally sitting down to tell you about all the beauty products I’ve been testing out lately.  Find out which ones are keepers and which ones are losers.

I bought this product (Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Mask) because I saw that Shilinda1 on Youtube listed it in one of her monthly favorites videos and I have to say that I do like this product.  Not so  much for it’s ability to “gently peels away impurities that can cause skin to be rough and dull” because I don’t think that it does that.  But more so because it “soothe[s] while moisturizing, ensuring skin feels soft and silky-smooth after every use.”  However, it doesn’t make an impact on the quality of my skin to where I would encourage others to buy it.  I think of it as a fun product (because I get to peel it off) to apply on your relaxing, “pamper your skin” kind of days.  It certainly doesn’t hurt to use it, but it doesn’t have any lasting long term effects.  Your skin feels soft, smooth and moisturized when you remove it, but it doesn’t do much for the overall quality of your skin.  

While I was out looking for the Cucumber Peel-Off Mask, I saw this Pineapple Enzyme Mask by the same company right next to it.  And because I know my skin is prone to dark spots after getting acne, I decided this might be a cheaper alternative to the other brands that I typically find myself buying.  Well, I can say that this is not worth it in my opinion.  It does make my skin tingle a little bit while it’s on my skin, but there was no real difference in the clarity of my skin.  It’s touted to “revitalizes and reveals your most radiant skin. Pineapple Extract and exfoliating AHAs clear away dulling skin cells and stimulate skin renewal. Skin is revived and refreshed.”  But I beg to differ.  I used it every other day for two weeks and then kept using it with less frequency after that but saw no noticeable improvements.  So, I shelved this product and bought another brand that I’m currently working with.  If you follow me on Instagram, you saw my post it, but I’ll share more about it in another post.

I bought this Iman Blush in Sable a while ago and it is still my go to contour powder.  My (MAC) shade is NC 50 and this blush is a really nice contour color for my complexion.  I use for special occasions only…because daily contouring is too much for me.  But I really like it and the fact that I found it on the cheap at Target makes me love it even more.

This elf Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder is cool.  And I almost don’t want to do a review on it because the reality is that I don’t think highlighting/bronzer are my thing.  I’m more of a matte/shimmer-free skin kind of girl and I didn’t realize until after I bought this product.  So, I’m reserving judgement on this product because it’s probably great for someone who likes shimmer — I’m just not that person.

This Sonia Kashuk Blusher Brush from is Target too and I’ve used it almost every day since buying it.  I really like this brush a lot (dare I say, even more than my Sigma Brushes….Yup, I said.  And I meant it too).  No shedding and delightfully soft on my skin while still being an effective makeup applicator.  This is my second Sonia Kashuk brush and I’m definitely a fan of her brushes.

This review will be mainly for the Sonia Kashuk “beauty blender” sponge.  I use this to apply my corrector and concealer under my eyes.  It blends the product into that wrinkly part of my skin flawlessly and works way better than any brush I have (it’s better than my fingers too).  I apply the product with my fingers and then dab/blend it with the sponge.  It’s really great and I’m so glad I got it.  The accompanying Brush Cleaner is cool too, I’ve just never really encountered a bad brush cleaner, so I didn’t think there was much to say about this one.

I already did a review on these Wet n Wild Matte lipsticks way back when I first purchased them. But I changed my opinion of them so I felt a great sense of urgency to update you. I do not like this lipsticks at all. In my first review, I was happy with it because the product is long lasting and creamy for a matte lipstick. Plus I really liked the colors. However, what I do not like about this product is that it transfers every where, especially when I’m eating. And I mentioned this in the first post as a minor issue, but after some time it really started to grate on my nerves when I was constantly having to clean up after the lipstick. I know that it has great color pay off, but sometimes that’s just not enough. I expect my lipsticks to stay and I do not want to see them on my fingers, utensils, and anything else that happens to graze my lips throughout the day. It’s almost like the product never sets. Instead, I’ve been over the moon about my Revlon Really Red Lipstick: great color, not drying, stays on for hours and does not transfer onto everything. It’s really everything I want in a matte lipstick. Check out my last video for what it looks like on me.

Have you tried any of these products? Did you like them?
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