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Why Do You Use Multiple Leave-Ins?

Some things I have down to a science and others I just mimic what I see.  Using multiple leave-ins is more about the latter (with a little bit of trial and error).  The first situation where I started experimenting with using multiple leave-in was with flat ironing.

Flat Ironing.
If I was going to be a DIYer, I had to improve my flat ironing skills otherwise I knew I’d remain dependent upon a stylist.  I quickly learned that a big part of having a successful session with the flat iron is the type of leave-ins that you use.  I mimicked lots of combinations that I saw from ladies on a hair journey.  And finally settled on this combination: Moisturizing Leave-in Treatment; Serum/Heat Protectant; and Glossing Spray.  My favorite combinations is GVP Conditioner, Chi Silk Infusion and Proclaim Glosser.  But I’ve also done: Roux 619 Leave-In Vials, GVP Potion 9; and Proclaim Glosser.  Both give me good results, but the first combo gives me better results.
  • Moisturizing Leave-in Treatment – restores the moisture to my hair (I likely won’t be moisturizing daily, so added a little extra on wash day helps to get me through the week).
  • Serum/Heat Protectant – (1) seals in the moisture, (2) smooths the hair strands making it easier for the heat tools to glide down my hair; and (3) forms a barrier of protection from the high temperatures.
  • The Glossing Spray – Adds shines and ensures that I’m left with a silky smooth finish.
Roller Setting.
Once I saw success with my flat ironed hair I decided to re-evaluate my roller setting leave-ins.  After a lot of trial and error during Ebony’s Roller Setting Challenge,  I found my perfect combo.  Now, I always use a Protein Heat Protectant and Moisturizing Leave-In Treatment.  And my favorite combo is Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer and GVP The Conditioner.
  • Protein Heat Protectant –  (1) adds structure and strength, which I feels helps to prepare my hair for the manipulation; and (2) adds protection for my hair against the heat of the hooded dryer.
  • Moisturizing Leave-In Treatment – adds moisture more to my strands.

Air Drying.
This combination was derived from mimicking the general products used by other hair journeyers.  For the most part I noticed that most people use a Moisturizing Leave-in Treatment, a Serum and an Oil.  I modified it to a Liquid Moisturizing Leave-In, a Creamy Moisturizer and Oil (or Serum…depending on how I’m feeling that wash day).  So, I’ll use the either: 
  •  Roux Treatment & Shine 619Darcey’s Botanical Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme and Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil; or 
  • Roux Treatment & Shine 619, Elasta QP Recovery Moisturizer and Elasta QP Glossing Serum.
While the reasons listed above are a bit cookie cutter,  I do think that the type of leave-in that you use does impact the results you get.  Plus sometimes one product just doesn’t do enough.  So, the main/real reason why I use more than one leave-in treatment is because my results are so much better when I do.  And I do what my hair likes. 🙂
What are your favorite Leave-In Combinations?
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10 thoughts on “Why Do You Use Multiple Leave-Ins?

  1. I definitely use multiple leave-ins! I love layering products and reaping the benefits of them all! My regimen is pretty static, so below are the leave-ins I use for my hair.

    Roller Setting: Alterna Caviar Photo Age Defense, Alterna Caviar Texture Cream, Roux 619 Extreme Moisture, Carol's Daughter Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum (Protein Leave-Ins used as needed: Redken Extreme Anti-Snap or ApHogee Green Tea Keratin Reconstructor)

    Air Drying: Alterna Caviar Photo Age Defense, Alterna Texture Cream, Roux 619 Extreme Moisture, Vitamin E or kukui nut oil

    Blow drying and flat iron: Alterna Caviar Photo Age Defense, Alterna Caviar Perfect Blow Out Creme, Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage Thermal Protectant

  2. I dont use multiply leave – ins cos I have looked for and found products that have all the requiered ingredienses in one. I found before that when i used 2 -4 products they got blended no matter if i put them on in layer. I just felt after already using shampoo conditioner and some Times' deep conditioner it just didnt feel like putting another load of different products on My hair. I have a conditioner that already contains oil so there is no need to add that again.
    Only if it is special occation i put on setting lotion or heat protectors.

  3. I am still trying to find the perfect comb for my hair. I tend to be heavy-handed and learning to use a little at a time is one of my biggest problem.

  4. You seem to use Alterna a lot specifically the Photo Age Defense…interesting. I remember youtuber SalonCalabo (sp?) was always using Alterna products. oh boy…I'm getting that PJ itch…

  5. I totally get that point of view. If I could find one leave-in that did it all for me, I would get rid of the others in a heart beat. Although, I will say that if I HAD to pick one product to use as a leave-in it'd be the GVP The Conditioner (for roller setting and flat ironing) and Darcey's Coconut Lemongrass Transitioning Creme (for air drying). But I really feel I get that extra umph with my combinations. Thanks for commenting, Lisa!

  6. Yeah, that's an important thing to remember when using multiple leave-ins — Less is More. I'm very light handed with the leave-ins because I don't want my hair to feel weighed down and coated.

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