My Relaxed Hair, Roller Setting

Troubleshooting Update.

Thanks to all the lovely ladies who helped me through my little dilemma.  I went back to my “regular” hair regimen this week, which incorporated most of my favorite products (including my Sulfate Shampoo).  Here’s what I did: Pre-Poo – Grapeseed Oil Shampoo – ORS Olive Oil Creamy Aloe Shampoo Final Rinse – Roux Porosity Control DC – Nexxus Humectress Moisturizing…

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Air Drying, Reader Questions

Why Do You Use Multiple Leave-Ins?

Some things I have down to a science and others I just mimic what I see.  Using multiple leave-ins is more about the latter (with a little bit of trial and error).  The first situation where I started experimenting with using multiple leave-in was with flat ironing. Flat Ironing. If I was going to be a DIYer, I had to…

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My Relaxed Hair

Troubleshooting — My Hair Feels Off :/

My last wash day started like every other wash day.  Detangle… shampoo…deep condition…T-shirt dried…and finish up with my leave-ins.  But once my hair was completely dry something wasn’t right.  My hair looked like it always does, but this time it was rough and wasn’t its normal soft fluffy moisturized self.  At first I thought maybe it was because I had…

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Hairstyling, Protective Styling, Tutorials, Videos

How to Be A Successful ‘Serial Bunner’

Protective Styling has been a crucial component to my growth length retention rate.  And with the ease, cost effectiveness and low commitment of buns, they are a favorite for healthy hair journeyers, like myself.  Of course you can incorporate braids, wigs, weaves and other methods as a protectively style on your hair journey, but my personal favorite is the Bun. Benefits…

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