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My Favorite Tool For Volumizing My Buns

The day that I started researching healthy hair care, I knew that my protective style of choice would be a bun (cheap and simple).  But when I started my hair journey, my hair was grazing shoulder length and I needed a way to app up the volume of my buns.  I was perusing the aisles and my local drugstore when I found this slap bracelet looking thing that was marketed to help you make your buns neat.
(For those of you unfamiliar with the popular 90s toy, the slap bracelet:  Its natural position is collapsed on itself in a circle, but you can straighten it out.  And it is stable in that straight position but push on any part of it too hard and it’ll curl back up into a circle.  So, as a kid we’d straighten it out and then slap it against your (or someone else’s) wrist.  It would curl around your wrist making it a bracelet.  Pretty simple idea, but it didn’t take much to amuse me back then, lol).


1. Straighten out the tool.
2. Hold the end of your hair between the two prongs of the tool.
3. Start rolling your hair towards your scalp.
4. Once you get close to your scalp, let the tool collapse on itself (as in the top left corner picture).
5. It will look like the bottom right picture.  There will be a gap in the bun.
6. Then you tuck the ends of the tool into the hair where the gap is.
7. Push the hair together to hide the gap. All done.
I didn’t particularly care for using it the way it was supposed to be because:
1. I didn’t like the way that it required me to clamp and bend my ends.  I was afraid that it would destroy/break my ends eventually.
2. I didn’t like having to drag my hair along the tool to close the gap.  It’s seemed like it would cause breakage (especially with my fine/fragile hair strands).
3. I was rarely ever able to get the hair leading up to the bunned section to look neat.  It always seemed to create a ‘messy bun’ look, which I wasn’t going for.
Below you’ll find how I adapted the way I use this tool to make me feel better and it eliminated most of my concerns.
1. Moisturize your ends and create a pony tail.
2. Put the tool around the base of your ponytail and evenly distribute your hair around it.
3. Sweep the length of your hair around the tool in a circular direction tucking your ends under it.


4. Tuck your ends under it and secure it with a bobby pin or hair tie.
And that’s it.  It’s pretty much done the same way that others use their bun donuts but personally I like this better.  Those bun donuts make the bun look perfect (almost too perfect).  Whereas this tool looks more natural like I just have a whole lot of hair, lol.  It really was a life saver when I was between SL and APL.  Now I just use it when I want a extra juicy bun. 🙂
This is the closest thing I could find to what I bought
(I thought mine was by Conair but it seems they don’t make/sell it anymore):


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12 thoughts on “My Favorite Tool For Volumizing My Buns

  1. this looks interesting. i remember some kids having these things. i thought it looked pretty thanks for this!

  2. I agree, I like the way it looks in the first picture, too — that's what made me love it at first. But using it that way just makes me worry about my ends, which seem prone to breakage already. I don't think I could use it that way daily and maintain my ends.

    Thanks for commenting!

  3. This is great, if I could only find one of these my buns would be the bomb! I am at that stage (between SL and APL) and I don't like perfectly neat buns but I do like a big one!

  4. This is neat. Like Candice, I'm between SL and APL as well and the perfectly neat donut bun looks so unnatural to me. I would love to try this "slap stick" bun maker. LOL! You took it way back with the slap-stick. I used to love those things too. LOL! 🙂

  5. How neat is that, Kim???? I love those buns! (HAHAHAH!)

    Where did you find that toy! I haven't seen those since Kenan and Kel was on the air! lol!

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