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Note to Self: Air drying is not so bad.

The buns on the bottom and the right have a slap bracelet bun trinket in them. The top left is a wet bun – no filler.
I actually kind of like it…a lot.  No, my hair isn’t as smooth and shiny as when I put heat on it with my hooded dryer or flat iron.  But it gets straight enough for me to successfully make a smooth/sleek bun and what else does a girl like me need on a hair journey any way…  
It’s funny how quickly I forgot that this is how I got started on my hair journey (going heat free with those LongHairCareForum boot camp challenges).  I’m heat free, low manipulation, protectively styling and my wash days have been significantly shorter — I can’t complain.
My Airdried Hair.

Don’t hold me to this but I’m thinking I might just go heat free for the rest of the year.  Yesterday, I took out my tape measure and it’s 4 inches until I’m back at MBL, which is possible for December (right??…8 months and a wishful thinking 1/2 inch per month growth rate/retention)…I know, I know, I’m setting myself up for failure, but if you shoot for the moon at the very least you’ll land amongst the stars. 🙂  Also, let the record reflect that on Saturday I will officially be 6 weeks post relaxer, which means the euphoria that I know I’m experiencing from minimal new growth will soon be a distant memory, lol. 

Current Hair Stats:
almost 6 weeks post relaxer
4 weeks no heat
4 inches until MBL.
Video Update will be uploaded next weekend (5/18).

Most Recent Wash Day
Pre-Poo: Suave Sleek Conditioner
Shampoo: ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo
DC: GVP Conditioning Balm
Leave-in: Roux Treatment & Shine
Oil: Vatika Enriched Coconut Oil
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