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Relaxer Update and Trim: March 2013

I relaxed my hair at 15 weeks post yesterday and my ends looked the same as they didย last week. ย  As promised, I filmed my relaxer day and how I trim my hair for you guys. ย Below are some pictures and the video, too:

Last Weekend:






The hair that I cut:

Before the Trim.

After the Trim.

Relaxer Update and Trim Tutorial Video.

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22 thoughts on “Relaxer Update and Trim: March 2013

  1. It looks great! (can u tell I was stalking ur IG!) It looks so thick now! It sucks to have to cut but your hair looks luscious and flowy and gorgeous!

  2. Had you been using a lot of heat prior to your setback? I know you said your wool coat may have caused it too, but just another thought for something that may have contributed to it. I sense some air drying and heatless hairstyle videos on the way, yes?? haha Your hair looks much healthier now.

  3. If you consider sitting under the hooded dryer to dry my rollersets, then yes. But I had not blow dried or flat ironed since my December relaxer. But it's certainly something that I considered (avoiding the heat all together) because my hair is very fine. Thanks, Rae. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Your hair turned out great! Even though almost everyone on a hair journey hates trims and/or cuts it made your hair look fierce girl! lol

  5. It looks gorgeous! Don't worry about the lost length, you're hair is still pretty long and your ends look great ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Your hair looks great Kim. I agree with Lesley, your hair is still long and you have great ends now! Love how thick your hair is.

  7. You did a great job with your trim! You took off just the right amount. I bet it feels and behaves better.

    You'll grow the lost length back in no time and your ends will be in great shape when you do!

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