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DQ’d: Protective Styling Challenge (Final Update)

The Protective Styling Challenge ends on April 15th, but I already know that I’m no longer contending for a prize.  I’ve broken one of the rules several times over.  I’m not sure what happened but I completely missed the “only one heat pass” rule.  I’ve been rollersetting all through the challenge (oops!) and for the past three weeks, I blow dried/flat ironed my hair (not to mention the curling iron I used last weekend :/ ).  So I’m officially disqualified from the challenge.  But I did want to post an update on my final results because I did abide by all of the other rules [(1)less than 7 days not PSing; (2) deep condition at least twice a month, (3) hide your ends with your protective styles and (4) only one heat pass].  Unfortunately I did trim my hair so there are no gains in length, but I finished strong and that’s what really counts.  Thanks for another great challenge, Ebony!

Protective Styling Challenge START Picture: December 2012

Protective Styling Challenge END Picture: April 2013

What’s Next for Me?

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve used heat for three weeks in a row and I want to pull back on the reigns a bit.  So, I’m making up a personal challenge for myself.  I’m going to attempt to go heat free until my next relaxer.  That means no flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons OR hooded dryers…10 weeks no heat, let’s go!
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