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Regimen Building: Protect Your Hair

Why Protect?  The hair products that we use can only do so much to keep our hair on our head and looking healthy.  It is important that we take steps to protect our hair from unnecessary breakage.  Limiting manual breakage helps with retention, which expedites the results we see from growth.  It also ensure that our hair’s potential for fullness/thickness/volume…

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Exploring the West, like Lewis & Clark

…except we didn’t venture past the state line. 😛 This past weekend Justin and I headed to the west side of North Carolina to explore the mountains and visit downtown Asheville.  I’m not a big city girl, but I’m definitely not a deep in the woods with no lights but the moonlit sky kind of girl either, lol.  Despite that…

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Regimen Building: Adding Strength

Why Add Strength? You want to add strength, or more specifically protein, to your hair because it adds structure to the hair shaft making it more resistant to breakage and more capable of retaining moisture.  Our hair is made up of proteins but chemical treatments and heat tools can deplete it of some of it’s structural components.  Protein treatments and/or…

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