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Protective Styling Check-In: Buns

I spent the entire month of January protectively styling (well, all but one Saturday).  My goal going into this challenge (especially for January, which was dedicated to buns, see #L4LPSC tag on Instagram) was to push myself to be a bit more creative with my buns.  Unfortunately, the only place variety came into play was with the height of my bun.  I could be disappointed about it, but I like my easy breezy buns and I was still getting the benefit of protectively styling.  While I wish I could have filled this post with super cute and creative pictures of my January buns, instead you get old reliable:

The month of February is dedicated to twists and I plan on at least doing one twist out, I promise.
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4 thoughts on “Protective Styling Check-In: Buns

  1. Easy is still cute too! For the spring I plan to bun using the kankelon hair underneath my hair for added fullness! Great job and happy growing!

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