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Regimen Building: Adding Moisture

Why Add Moisture? Our hair behaves and looks best when it is well moisturized.  Our scalp naturally secretes oils to keep the hair moisturized, but daily styling, contact with fabrics, the weather outside, chemical treatments, heat tools and shampoos all deplete the moisture content in our hair.  Because of that we have to incorporate moisture into our hair regimen.

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Hot Chili on a Cold Night

Saturday was very cold, wet and snowy down here in North Carolina.  When it’s that yucky outside, I like to cook something warm and comforting for the evening.  I usually make this chili recipe with ground beef, but I decided to use ground turkey this time around to see if it tasted just as good.  And it was… Ingredients 1…

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Protective Styling

Protective Styling Check-In: Buns

I spent the entire month of January protectively styling (well, all but one Saturday).  My goal going into this challenge (especially for January, which was dedicated to buns, see #L4LPSC tag on Instagram) was to push myself to be a bit more creative with my buns.  Unfortunately, the only place variety came into play was with the height of my…

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