Protective Styling

Protective Styling Challenge

I’ve decided to join in on L4L’s 2013 Protective Styling Challenge.  It’s a 3 month challenge to protective style and if you know anything about me by now, you know that I’m a serial bunner.  Check out some of my Instagram pics below for proof:

Wet Bun.
Bun with air dried hair — no fillers.  That’s all me. 🙂
#nofilter, lol.
Work bun.
What makes this challenge a little different from what I normally do is that there are mini challenges happening each month that will help to push my creativity.  The full challenge only allows for a maximum of 7 non-PS (Protective Style) days from now until April 15th, which I think I can handle.  
Here is my starting picture:
… and I’ll be back at the end of each month with a recap of my fanciest protective styles for the month.  
If have a Blog, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook and want to participate, you can join in on the fun.  There are some pretty nice prizes to go along with this challenge, too.  Check out her blog post for details.
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