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Playing Mixologist: Hot Oil Treatments

For a typical wash day routine, I use the products as is, but there was a point in my healthy hair journey where I would experiment with different combinations of products.  It is certainly easier to just use the products straight out of the bottle, but sometimes I miss playing mad scientist and trying out new combinations.  It was such an easy way to add “power boosts” to conditioners, hot oil treatments and pre-poos.  My favorite deep conditioning combination was Nexxus Humectress, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey and Roux Porosity Control.  I used that mix religiously for months because I just loved the way that my hair would come out when I did this mix.  And when I was deep into a stretch I would add Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose deep conditioner because of how well it left my new growth moisturized.  I haven’t tried these mixes in a while but I plan to test them and see how they compare to my current regimen.  Especially while I’m working on finding the perfect combination of products for my airdry routine, but first I’m going to start playing around with Hot Oil Treatments.  
Here in North Carolina it hasn’t gotten too cold yet, but you can tell it’s starting to.  The months January and February are notoriously colder than the other winter months here, which means it’s time for me to add more Hot Oil Treatments to my wash day routines.  I’ve been doing them here and there since October, but now that the new year is here and temps below 50F are more frequent it’s time to switch to overdrive.  
I have been trying out some pre-mixed oils (like Aphogee Essential Oil Mix, Hot 6 Oil and Proclaim Natural 7 Oil), but when I look at the list of ingredients, I’m not particularly impressed with what I see.  Instead of settling with what’s available, I’m going to start creating my own mixes.  I know I want my hot oil treatments to contain ceramides and I want it to have conditioning properties as well as some hair growth promoting essential oils.  But I plan on putting some more thought into it and coming up with a mix from the ingredients I have on hand.

The Oils and Essential Oils I have on hand (or plan to acquire):

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – this is best known for its ability to condition the hair and improve it’s elasticity.  If you notice just about every hair brand’s got a product with olive oil in it.  Some brands primarily focus on this oil because of how great it is for our hair.  For this reason it was my first choice when I started looking for an oil to add to my hair regimen.  
Coconut Oil – This is one of the few oils that can penetrate the layers of your hair and moisturize your hair while helping to maintain the protein that’s already in your hair.  It boost shine and adds elasticity.
Castor Oil – This is great applied to the scalp.  It promotes thickness and growth.  I will say that I don’t particularly like the consistency of this oil (I have the Jamaican Black Castor Oil version); it’s very thick and viscous (almost a honey like consistency).  I find it very difficult to apply to my hair, so I use this one exclusively on my scalp. 
Jojoba Oil – Most effective and commonly used carrier oil when one wants to use an essential oil.  You can’t apply an essential oil directly to your skin because of it’s high potency; it causes skin irritation.  Instead you add a couple drops of your favorite essential oil to another oil and Jojoba oil is an easy choice.  It’s got a silky consistency that isn’t sticky or greasy at all and it also has light conditioning properties.
Grapeseed Oil – I have this oil but I’ve never actually used it on my hair.  This year I plan to play around with this oil in my Hot Oil Treatments.  I’ve seen several of my favorite hair bloggers talk about this oil.  Plus I know it has ceramides in it, which puts it high on my priority list.

Essential Oils (EO)
Rosemary Essential Oil – My go-to EO, I’m frequently adding 2-3 drops of this to my Hot Oil Treatments.  It promotes hair growth by stimulating the hair follicle.  I don’t know if it actually boosts my hair growth, but I’ve used it on-and-off throughout my hair journey, so I’m keeping it close. 😉
Lavendar Essential Oil – I’ve had this oil in my stash for a long time and while I haven’t used it as much as the rosemary EO, it is also known for its hair growth promoting properties.  When added to a carrier oil and messaged into the scalp it promotes blood circulation and hair growth.  This EO is best for those experiencing hair loss as it also alleviates some of the issues that cause hair loss. 
Tea Tree Essential Oil –  I’d like to add this EO to my collection as it cleans the scalp.  It’s great for people with dandruff (add a few drops to your olive oil hot oil treatment).  My GVP Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo has this EO in it and it leave my scalp feeling open and free.  Almost like I can feel the air traveling across my scalp; it’s nice.  And I believe it’s the Tea Tree EO in it that contributes to that effect.  
Peppermint Essential Oil – This is an EO that I’ve always considered purchasing because of the cooling effect it has when applied to the scalp.  My hair stylist when I was living in Long Island used a shampoo with this in it and I remember loving how my scalp felt with it.  I haven’t experimented yet since starting my hair journey, but 2013 might be my year.
I am going to put some more thought into it before I decide on what combination I’m going to settle on, but in the mean time, Do you have any suggestions?  
What’s your favorite mix for your hair (pre-poo, hot oil treatment, DC or otherwise)?
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4 thoughts on “Playing Mixologist: Hot Oil Treatments

  1. I absolutely love JBCO! I too only apply it to my scalp, but what I did to cut down on the thickness was dilute it with EVOO (3 parts evoo to 1 part JBCO). Also, to cut down on product build up I only put it on my scalp every other day. It helps to keep my new growth soft and manageable. Hope this was helpful!

  2. I mix my JBCO with peppermint oil to thin out the consistency plus it helps to stimulate the scalp! I add it (peppermint oil) to my deep conditioners sometimes as well x

  3. Thanks, Courtnea! That was helpful. I don't know if I have the discipline to apply it regularly. Do you think it's beneficial in Hot Oil Treatments or would you say it's best applied to the scalp throughout the week?

  4. Thanks, Vanessa. I didn't realize you could buy peppermint oil. I always assumed it was an essential oil, but based on how you use it, it sounds like it's a carrier oil. Does this oil have the same benefits as the essential oil version?

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