Healthy Hair Care

Breakage: Breaking It Down

I still get breakage.  This is from my last wash day. What is Breakage?  It is the unnatural breaking off of your hair.  It happens to all of us; some more than others.  One of my goals while on my healthy hair journey has been to limit breakage as much as possible because pre-HHJ I was experiencing excessive breakage.  Click…

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Roller Setting, Tutorials, Videos

How To: Set Your Rollers

how to set your hair on magnetic rollers at home

When I made my healthy hair journey video, I thought I was in over my head.  But when I decided to record and edit an actual video to complement my How to: Rollerset blog post, I was really a fish out of water.  Not so much on the recording of the video but the uploading/editing process is incredibly time consuming and…

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Cooking Chronicles, Lifestyle

Not Chef Boyardee…Better!

I’m my most creative in the kitchen when it comes to Sunday dinners.  Sometimes it’s an utter disaster, sometimes it’s just ok but other times it’s really really good.   For this post I wanted to share the latter with you.  It’s a bit over the top for those of you working on your diet/fitness resolutions with the cheese ravioli…

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Healthy Hair Care, Shedding

Combat Shedding: Tea Rinses

These past couple of weeks I’ve been experiencing more shedding than is typical and it’s about time I did something about it.  Last year when I had a shedding attack, I added garlic powder to the oils in my hot oil treatment, which did in fact stop the shedding in it’s track.   But it stank something horrible.  Plus all the…

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Protective Styling

Protective Styling Challenge

I’ve decided to join in on L4L’s 2013 Protective Styling Challenge.  It’s a 3 month challenge to protective style and if you know anything about me by now, you know that I’m a serial bunner.  Check out some of my Instagram pics below for proof: Wet Bun. Bun with air dried hair — no fillers.  That’s all me. 🙂 #nofilter,…

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Poll: Do You Shed More In December/January?

With my last wash day there was a pretty outlandish amount of hairs lost.  And I can’t help but feel like I’ve been down this road before.  At first I thought maybe it had something to do with the fact that (1) I flat ironed two of the last three wash days and then (2) waited two weeks to re-wash…

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Oils, Tutorials

Playing Mixologist: Hot Oil Treatments

For a typical wash day routine, I use the products as is, but there was a point in my healthy hair journey where I would experiment with different combinations of products.  It is certainly easier to just use the products straight out of the bottle, but sometimes I miss playing mad scientist and trying out new combinations.  It was such…

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