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Nail THIS: Reverse French Manicure & Glitter Tips

Reverse French Manicure
Reverse French Manicure

After watching this nail art tutorial for a Reverse French Manicure I gave it a try last weekend.  I used similar colors to the youtuber in the video, which seemed appropriately festive for a few weeks before Christmas — Essie in Carry On (Purple) as the base color and China Glaze in Midnight Kiss (Gold) as the reverse tip color.  It was my first time trying to do this and I feel like I did a decent job free handing this despite being a nail novice.  Read more on how to recreate this Nail Art (and Glitter Tips) after the jump…

How to: (1) I applied the Purple nail polish to my entire nail. (2) Then applied the Gold nail polish the base of my nail bed (only about a third of the way up). (3) Next I applied a second coat of the Purple nail polish working slowly to create a smooth curvature that followed the shape of my cuticle (leaving the some of the Gold nail polish exposed).

Glitter Tips
Glitter Tips

As Christmas draws closer my nails are exuding more and more holiday cheer.  I’ve got a few holiday shades that sit in my nail polish bin waiting for this time of year.  And now that December is in full swing,  I’m busting out these shades and trying to show a little more creativity with my nail art (hence these past two nail looks).  Today I added glitter tips to my nail polish and I’m hoping that it lasts longer than my reverse manicure did (by Wednesday my tips had several chips, despite applying two layers of top coat).

How To: This look is fairly self-explanatory, I just painted my nail with two coats of the Green Shade (China Glaze in Watermelon Rind) and then applied the Gold Glitter (Milani in Gold) to the tips. Very simple and very cute. 
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