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Holiday Fun with More to Come!

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and had a Merry Christmas.  I certainly am.  I went to Long Island to visit my family & friends and had a great time as always.  Unfortunately didn’t get to see everyone that I intended to visit but that always seems to happen — just not enough time in a day it seems.  

We packed up our things Friday night and I squeezed in a quick wash day too.  I was planning on rollersetting but time kept getting away from me.  Instead I lightly flat ironed in large sections to get it done with quickly.  Then I pin-curled it, went to bed, crossed my fingers and hoped that my hair would hold the curls (see below: it didn’t, lol).  After about 2 hours of sleep we were on the road to New York!  It was a long drive but we made it there by 1pm….and immediately upon arrival we both went straight to sleep.

We had to sneak in a pic with just the four of us 🙂
After our quick power nap we got dressed up for our friends’ birthday party.  It was called Rooftop something located in midtown Manhattan.  I love hanging with these girls.  We always have a great time together.  And just like every spot we end up going to in the city, this place was sophisticatedly decorated and well attended with like minded fun-loving people.  We danced the night away to our favorite reggae/soca/hiphop tunes with a perfect view of the New York City sky.  
The next day was super low key; we hung out with my niece while my brother went to work.  She’s 3 now and so entertaining — what a difference a few months make. 
But that evening hubby and I decided to head into the city for “sightseeing.”  And despite the fact that I grew up in NY and have been to the city too many times to count.  IT.IS.A.GIVEN that if I’m there and expected to be the tour guide we will get lost.  It just doesn’t matter what I do, it always happens.  Justin is a big basketball fan so we had to make a quick stop to Brooklyn to check out the new Stadium and we got to the Barclays Center/Brooklyn just fine.  Then we went to the check out the new Freedom Towers that are being constructed, which are ridiculously tall!  Now the plan was to check out Rockefeller Center and take pictures of the Christmas Tree.  I was told the exact intersection but some where between Brooklyn, the Freedom Towers and my growing hunger… the exact location just flew out of my head.  (Is it just me…or do you experience this too: I’ll be a little hungry and fine but then when too much time lapses a switch just flips in my mind and nothing else matter, I must find food now! lol).  After aimlessly walking around for a bit we ran into Midtown 1015 and had a delicious dinner there (Budget friendly, low key, nice atmosphere and just good food).  I was so hungry when the food finally came I didn’t even think to take pictures of my dish until after I had devoured it, smh.  
But by the time we got dinner out of the way (somehow hours had gone by and) it was time to go home because I was super cold, tired and over this little adventure we had gotten ourselves into.  So we headed directly to Penn Station (at least we tried to — we got a little turned around trying to get here too, smh) and took the LIRR back home.  
Once Christmas rolled around the most wonderful thing that could happen to a blogger happened to me– Justin got me a new camera!!!  I was so excited about it that I immediately went crazy with the pictures.  Everyone was tired of me by the end of the day, lol.  This new camera has so many cool new features that I’m looking forward to playing around with.  For now, I’m staying with Basic Picture taking zones that I’m familiar with from my point and shoot Nikon, but hopefully after some quality time with this camera and the manual, I’ll be able to venture into the creative zones and experiment with the settings more. 
Anyway, here are some the shots I took with my new camera on Christmas Day and on our drive back down to North Carolina:

My Dad cooked dinner, but my Mom did the turkey, lol.
My Dad was frying up some chicken wings, yum!
Driving back to NC in the rain.
Coco’s happy to be back at home. 🙂
I caught her mid-shake — scary.  lol.
2013 is right around the corner… 
Have a Happy New Year Everyone!
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