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Bruno Mars weighs 146 lbs…

…and so do I!  Granted, he’s a 5’5″ and a MAN, lol.  But that makes no difference to me.  He’s tiny and he’s hollywood. 🙂 Yes, in my last Bangin’ Swangin’ Challenge update I weighed about the same, but I’m still hype about it.  Since being on this weight loss journey the 140s have alluded me.  I would always get close and then either get stuck at 150 lbs and/or start gaining.  Now that I’m in the 140s I am happy.  And the main reason for my excitement is that after leaving the 150s, I haven’t seen them since!  While I have been oscillated up and down a bit, I am keeping far away from my starting weight.  I am so glad that Weight Watchers ended up being the kick in the tush that I needed to get past this hurdle I’ve been stumbling over for too long.  The introductory 12 weeks of weight watchers has ended and I have cancelled it.  But here is my weight progress over that time:

I added the last data point to reflect my current weight 🙂

I ended weight watchers but I plan to continue to monitor what I eat and my activity.  When I started the Bangin’ Swangin’ Challenge I didn’t have an end goal in mind because I wanted to see how I felt when I got there.  At this point I am content with where I am, but I know I can do better.  My short term goal will be to round out 2012 at 140lbs.  That’s about a 6 pound loss during the most gluttonous time of year (Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!!) so it will be a challenge, but I’m ready for it.  Being 140 lbs (or very close to it) will be a great way to cap off such a great year.  Once I get there I will reassess and decide where to go from there.

Here is my weight from my last weigh in:

I’ll do at least one more weigh in/check in at the end of the year and hopefully I will be at my goal of 140 lbs.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
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