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Relaxed and Refreshed…

First, thanks to all the people who’ve followed me in the last few weeks.  I appreciate you all supporting and checking back on my blog.  I’ve been MIA for the past few days, but now I’m back!  I went on vacation with my husband and we celebrated my birthday while I was out there.  I had the best time, but I’m glad to be back as well.  I’ve got a few pictures from my vacation after the jump.  And I will be back to posting starting this weekend.  Thanks again for your continued support and comments. 🙂

We stayed at The Beloved Hotel in Playa Mujeres, which was about 20 minutes north of Cancun.
Perfect Beach
Amazing Restaurants

The Chefs did their thing.

Cleaned my plate every time.

Thankfully this scary monster bounced as soon as he saw us.  

Just as goofy as I want to be…

Me shamelessly promoting my birthday, hahaha!

And it worked because I was showered with sweets and well wishes.

Came back to our room and found this birthday cake.

This one’s for my mom, who told me that it would be a shame if I wore my hair in a bun the entire time.

We had a “bit” of rain on our last day, but that didn’t dampen our spirits one bit.
We had an amazing time in Mexico; it was probably our best vacation yet.  I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone wanting a memorable vacation in Mexico.  We were blown away by everything and everyone there! 
See you tomorrow for more blog posts!
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  1. Thanks! Yeah, she gets so annoyed when she sees me hiding my hair. I try to tell about protective styling but she's not hearing it, lol.

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