Regimen Testing: Trying to Add Shine

Just wanted to check in and let you all know that my updated hair regimen for rollersetting was a success.  I started with a Hot Oil Treatment using Proclaim Natural 7 Oil (it first time using this oil) and then washed with my Mizani Chelating Shampoo.  Immediately after this rinsing the shampoo, I noticed that my hair was smoother than it typically is after a shampoo (no shade to my Tea Tree Shampoo).  Because of how great my hair felt I comtemplated skipping the Roux porosity control, but opted to compromise by appling the porosity control to my ends only.  After one minute, I rinsed it, towel dried and applied my ceramide and silicone rich deep conditioner, Nexxus Humectress, for about 30 minutes.  Once I had rinsed my deep conditioner, I applied leave-ins: GVP The Conditioner and Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer.  Then I proceeded with the rollerset and sat under the hair dryer for one hour.  Below you can judge for yourself on the shine factor, but I notice a boost in not only shine, but softness and smoothness.  I am really enjoying the results from this set up of hair products, I am going to try it again next weekend and see if I can replicate these results.  If there is success, then I’m going to stick with the rollersetting regimen for a while.

The Results


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  1. Loooovely results! Great shine and it def looks smooth, great job!

  2. OMG gorgeous! This is the second time I've read about GVP "The Conditioner" today – I will be trying it!

  3. Shine=mission accomplished!! Is GVP the conditioner cream based or liquid? I'm still looking for that staple leave-in.

  4. Thanks, I really like this leave in. I'm always using it.

  5. Thanks. The Conditioner is more of a creamy gel consistency. It's great when using heat. I hope you like it.

  6. Great results Kim. Some leave in are heat activated and will on be utilised to its full potential when some for of Heston is apply. Love the shine

  7. Soo sorry for the errors I accidentally click the publish button on my touch phone. I meant some leave-ins are heat activated and can be effectively utilised to its full potential when some form of heat is applied. The heat serves as a catalyst to release the essential components in the product to perform effectively. Thanks and God bless

  8. Wow! Loving your rollerset. I really need to perfect my rollersets. Yours looks like you just came out of the salon!

  9. Thank you. 🙂 I had a hunch about that, which is why the next time I air dry I am going to avoid silicones.

  10. Thanks! I was so happy with the results. It makes me happy that the pictures did this roller set justice. It may have been my best set yet.

  11. Your hair turned out so beautiful: I have the GVP the conditioner but I just didn't feel it. I will definitely revisit it.

  12. Thanks, Dr fromsky. I like The Conditioner a lot, except for when I airdry.

  13. Ok… I see.. I used it to airdry.. I'll use it to rollerset, together with the Aphogee green tea just like you did!

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