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Do you know what today is….

…No, it’s not my anniversary, but it is Relaxer Day.  I ended this stretch at 12 weeks and you can check out the details on today’s relaxer below…

I used my favorite relaxer again, pictured above and I used the Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus as my mid step protein.  Left it in for 5 minutes, rinsed thoroughly.  Neutralized/Chelated with Mizani Phormula-7 Shampoo.  Checked to make sure the my hair was properly neutralized using Elasta QP Stop Action Shampoo with color alarms — and it was.  Then I applied Roux Porosity Control for a minute, rinsed it, and towel dried my hair.  The pictures below show my hair at this point in the process:

I’m not sure that I’ve ever shown my hair wet with no product but yeah that’s it and it’s not relaxed bone straight.  It’s just a little wavy.  My relaxer day will end with a deep conditioning treatment, blow dry/flat iron and….

…a much needed trim.  My ends have been barely there for the past few months and I think I’ve come to a point where I feel more comfortable trimming my hair more often than once a year.  At the moment I’m thinking that I might trim with every relaxer (or at the very least, every other relaxer).  It might mean that it takes a little longer to reach my ultimate goal, but I’m ok with that, especially now that I’m finally made it to my first goal of Bra Strap Length.

At the moment, I’m deep conditioning, but I’ll be back later this week with a post on my trim and current length wearing my length check t-shirt.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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10 thoughts on “Do you know what today is….

  1. I can't wait to see the new length too! And congrats on making it to your goal! You make me wanna try to give myself a relaxer too…

  2. Thanks! I got lucky and found my "sprush" at my local beauty supply store. It's the Goody brand and it's like the perfect shape for applying my relaxer.

    Ps you can find a sneak peak of my results on instagram. 🙂

  3. You can check instagram for my final results now. But part 2 of this post should be up Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I buy the "sensitive scalp" one, which is No-Lye but they have a Lye version that doesn't not include the "sensitive scalp" tag in the name. I've seen it in individual portions at my local BSS but I buy it packaged with 9 applications off of the Internet.

  5. I'm thinking of using affirm again, I tried mizani butter blend and it did nothing for my hair. I'm thinking of doing a corrective relaxer but I'm scared of overprocessing. Might have to wait for another 3months with a puffy hair lol

  6. Yeah, I like affirm. It doesn't relax me bone straight which I like (the fiber guard system). And I take longer than the allotted 13 minutes to do my entire head.

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