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Wishlist: Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus

I was commenting on a fellow blogger’s recent blog post about how used to love the Redken Extreme Deep Fuel and a little nostalgia started to surface.  For over a year, I used Deep Fuel religiously as my mid step protein treatment during my self-relaxer process.  It was perfect for restoring strength to my freshly relaxed hair while maintaining the soft, suppleness that you want your hair to always have.  But a few relaxers ago, I went to restock my supply at Ulta and sadly it wasn’t there.  I can not lie, I panicked because I hadn’t even considered what to use if it was no longer available.  I immediately went on a mad dash to any and every store that I thought might carry it.  Unfortunately, it was no where to be found.  I begrudgingly used my Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor in its place, but it’s not quite as awesome as the Redken Extreme Deep Fuel treatment.  I later learned that Redken had discontinued their Deep Fuel treatment. *heart broken*  Deep Fuel was a hair treatment that contained both protein AND ceramide ingredients (adding strength and elasticity to my hair), while the Aphogee 2 minute reconstructor only has proteins.   If you want to check out why I like to use ceramide products during my relaxer process, click here.

But fear not folks, this sad story is about to start looking up, I was browsing the Redken website and noticed that they have a new protein treatment with Ceramides in it called Extreme Strength Builder Plus.  They boast that its got “the highest level of ceramides in a range to provide intense repair, conditioning and strength to the core of highly distressed hair.”  I’m quite excited about it; I looked at the reviews on the Redken website and of course they are amazing.  So, I’m already sold.  But I plan to check out some more reviews on it later today, just push my 99% certainty of purchasing it to 100%.  If/When I do use it, I’ll be sure to share my first impressions of it with you all.

Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus — Added to Wishlist
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4 thoughts on “Wishlist: Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus

  1. I think we may have read the same blog post. I also searched the redken site and saw this product. If you purchase this product i will be antcipating a review. Do u plan to only use during the relaxer process or as a deep conditioner too?

  2. Both! But I really need to replace my mid step protein. I was checking the Ulta website and it's not there. So, today after I finish washing my hair, I'm going on the hunt for it. And a review? of course! 🙂

  3. My interest is instantly piqued! Protein AND ceramides? Yes please! The last thing I need is another product in my stash, but I'm really interested. Everything I've tried from Redken so far, I like, so I'm not TOO worried about trying this product — makes me even more interested in it actually.

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