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Switching Things Up

After my recent Bangin’ Swangin’ update, I promised myself that I would conjure up the motivation and determination to finish the Bangin’ Swangin’ Challenge strong.  Last week started off great, I ate no processed foods, drank a lot of water and ate approximately 1500 calories each day. Things were looking up. 🙂 But then the weekend rolled around *cue lightening and thunder* I did a horrible job with my diet this weekend: pizza, ihop, tacos, cocktails and so much more — I was a mess. The entire weekend was a bust and it essentially undid whatever work I had put in during the week.
Monday night after thinking about how this weekend was an abysmal failure, I decided that I need more structure to my routine. *sound the trumpets* And I joined weight watchers.

Why weight watchers? Well, I follow beatfacehoney on youtube and over the past 12 weeks, she’s been documenting her weight watchers journey. To date she’s lost 25 lbs which is outstanding progress. Plus I did it a few years ago with great results. And just like that, I jumped back on the weight watchers train. This time I joined the online version and in the last 48 hours I’ve kind of (<–understatement) been obsessed with it–learning about their new plan, checking for food/recipe ideas and reading success stories. I haven’t even seen any progress yet and I’m already happy with my decision.

Based on my current stats and future goals, I’ve been allotted 26 daily points for food and a weekly activity goal of 14 points.

I thought I was eating healthy/on target for losing weight that Monday. But when I entered my food for the day, I was already over my daily points value — yikes!

That greek salad that I always eat for lunch at Panera (pictured above) –11points! And that’s not including the apple, chips or bread that comes with it. After that I didn’t even have the heart to find out how many points were in my fave (when I want to splurge a little) salad from Jason’s Deli.

Good thing I signed up, right? Now I can make the necessary adjustments to my weight loss plan to ensure better progress with the Bangin’ Swangin’ Challenge.  I’m going to be tracking everything on the site, which should keep me in line.

I’ll be back with another B&S Challenge update in 3 to 4 weeks.
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2 thoughts on “Switching Things Up

  1. Thanks for updating! You know…I did WW years ago with HUGE success too. This month I've exercised regularly but my diet hasn't been great. Hmmmmm, I may follow right behind you Kim.

  2. No problem. I had been slacking way to much over the past two months, but I'm back in this! If you join let me know so we can be ww buddies. 🙂

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