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Rollersetting Challenge: Wrap Up

I can’t believe I never wrapped up the Rollersetting Challenge.  I spent six months rollersetting my hair regularly, trying out new things and perfecting my skills.  And it has been a great alternative to using my flat iron and has maintained my hair health.  Even though the Challenge ended over a month ago, I’ve still been rollersetting my hair and I plan to continue.  Overall the challenge was a success: I followed all the rules and worked on my goals.  Check out the details after the jump…

My Monthly Updates

My original goals were to:

Find the best combination of products for rollersets.  This can definitely be checked off as complete.  While I’m always on the look out for bigger and better hair products, I like the arrangement of products that I’ve been sticking with lately.  My rollersetting staples: (1) I deep condition with my Generic Value Products Conditioning Balm; (2) spray my Aphogee green tea Resructurizer as a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant; and (3) apply my Generic Value Products The Conditioner as a leave-in conditioner.

Learn to do a flexirod set on wet hair.  I forgot about this goal and never attempted it.  But that may be something I give a try before the year ends.  I just need to pick some more flexirods because right now I’ve only got 8 and based on the wet sets I’ve seen that’s not going to cut it.

Use my Caruso Rollers more often. I sure did do that.  It is my go to method for revitalizing my hair. I even brought them with me on my trip to NY/AC.  They are the absolute best.

Improve my styling skills.   The only thing keeping me from being better about this is the hair dryer.  The nature of rollersetting styles my hair for me wonderfully.  However, I am like a child that doesn’t want to get their booster shot when it comes to sitting under the hair dryer.  I find every excuse in the world to not sit under the hair dryer.  If I would just let my hair dry 100% I might be able to have styles that look cute, like this:

I sat under the hair dryer here.

Instead, I avoid the hair dryer, remove the rollers from my damp hair and end up with this:

I didn’t even attempt to sit under the hair dryer in this one.
The Wrap Up
I am so glad that I decided to join this challenge.  I’ve improved my setting skills and developed a new love for it as well.  Even with my worst rollersetting sessions (where I remove my rollers before my hair dries completely) my hair is so much softer and more manageable than it would be if I just let it airdry without setting it.  This is one gem that I’m so happy about to add to my hair care regimen.  Now, I just need to WOMAN up and sit under the hair dryer, lol. 
I wasn’t the only participant in this challenge.  There was the awesome host, Ebony from Longing4Length, and several other hair bloggers.  
Check out their before and after pictures for this challenge here and vote for your favorite! 
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