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Bangin’…. uhh, not so much (weeks 10-15).

Welp, I’ve officially fallen off the wagon.  I weighed in this morning, and I’m back at 155 lbs, which puts me at a net loss of 1.6 lbs for this entire challenge.  :(:(  And there is no confusion about what the cause was, it’s the fact that I went real easy on the workouts and had one too many cheat meals each week.  I was looking for some inspiration to get this scale moving in the right direction and started looking into several different diet options, like the 17 day diet and 21 day kickstart.  But I decided against it because I don’t want to do any gimmicks.  I’m just going to take a more day by day approach to this weightloss game and work hard to make the right decisions every day and with every meal.  I know what I need to do, I just need to do it.

Some good news for this challenge, it’s been extended to November(woo-hoo), which means I’ve got time to make some progress in the Bangin’ department.  As for the Swangin’ department, I’ve been more successful with that.  I’ve been rollersetting or airdrying my hair for the most part and protective styling everyday with very few exceptions.  I wore my hair down about seven to ten days over the past 5 weeks, which puts me right pace for the requirements of the hair portion of this challenge.

And here’s the last time I wore my hair down:

Rollerset on 7 weeks post hair.
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