My Relaxed Hair

My Edges Have Gone Rogue!

At 10 weeks post relaxer, my edges have gone rogue.  I promised myself I would not slick them down with my gel and brush like I did with my last stretch, but after looking at my hair in the mirror this evening, I had to do something! Here I am this evening (2 days since my most recent roller set):…

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Fitness, Lifestyle

Switching Things Up

After my recent Bangin’ Swangin’ update, I promised myself that I would conjure up the motivation and determination to finish the Bangin’ Swangin’ Challenge strong.  Last week started off great, I ate no processed foods, drank a lot of water and ate approximately 1500 calories each day. Things were looking up. ūüôā But then the weekend rolled around *cue lightening…

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Product Reviews

Co-wash, maybe

I purchased these at target for about $5 last week, and I’m thinking about using it for cowashing. I figured “sleek” plus air drying might be a nice combination.  It’s been more than 8 weeks since my last relaxer, so adding some extra moisture could only be a good thing, right?  Well, I hope so.  I’ve never been successful at…

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My Relaxed Hair, Roller Setting

Rollersetting Challenge: Wrap Up

I can’t believe I never wrapped up the Rollersetting Challenge.  I spent six months rollersetting my hair regularly, trying out new things and perfecting my skills.  And it has been a great alternative to using my flat iron and has maintained my hair health.  Even though the Challenge ended over a month ago, I’ve still been rollersetting my hair and…

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Healthy Hair Care


Hey guys, I came across this girl’s hair journey¬†on the hair forums and was instantly mezmoried by her hair health, length and thickness.¬† She’s relaxed and her hair speaks for itself. Gorgeous Hair after the jump for all you hair lovers out there.