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Product Review: Wet N Wild MegaLast Lip Color

I feel like the last time red lips were this popular it was 1980-something.  And while I was way too young to indulge in that trend back then, I’ve been rocking red lips like a champ this spring/summer season.  You may remember back in March, I shared my recent beauty purchases, which included two Wet N Wild matte red lipsticks (910D Red Velvet and 911D Spotlight Red).  I’ve spent lots of time with these two shades and I’ve finally made up my mind about this product.  Check it out after the jump….

The ClaimLips take center stage! This 4-hour, longwearing lip color leaves a semi-matte, crème finish in one stroke. Glides on easily with rich, velvety color that doesn’t cake, feather, or bleed. Made with hydrating skin-care ingredients: Hyaluronic Microspheres provide extraordinary adhesion to lips, an exclusive polymer complex offers cushion-like feel and texture, and natural marine plant extracts Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamins A & E help smooth lips. – WNWBeauty

Why I Bought it:  Even though I’m relatively new to the lip color game, I wanted to enter the game kicking down the front door with some bold bright MATTE red lip colors.  And at $1.99 a piece the MegaLast line seemed like a good place to start.

My Review:  You can tell from the picture above, I bought the two shades of the same color, brand, and line, but one was a hit and the other a miss (for me).  There is the 910D Red Velvet color, which is a bright cherry red color.  That it a more of an “orange-y” red, with a blue undertone.  And there is the 911D Spotlight Red, which is a True Red — richer/redder than the Red Velvet color.  Based on my skin color and tone, the 911D was more agreeable and a hit in my book.  It’s the perfect red for me, not too bold/contrasting and compliments my skin tone nicely.  Also, like the claim says it’s a VERY long lasting matte lip color with no shine/sheen, but still has a creamy finish that does not dry out my lips.  However, there are some definite drawbacks to this product, and if you follow me on twitter you probably saw me ranting about it.  (1) This lip color transfers onto any and everything that touches it.  I’m not sure what I do, but whenever I wear these lip colors my hands (and everything they touch) end up with red marks all over them.  And (2) it does bleed, despite their claim that it doesn’t.  It takes some time for it to happen (maybe a couple hours), but as the day progresses and you eat/drink/live life, you begin to notice the lip color extending beyond your lips, which calls for persistent lip checking/cleanups.  At first I was against this product because of these two annoyances and I stopped wearing them.  But as time went by, I got over it, lol.  I use a lip liner to stave off the bleeding and I’m just more careful about what touches my lips throughout the day.  At the end of the day, the color, consistency/feel, matte finish, and long-wear capabilities were just too good to just pass up.

P.S. The packaging is cheap and the black base has since rubbed off exposing the internal mechanics of the lipstick but you get what you pay for, lol. …And I don’t mind.

Which do you prefer?

Would I Buy It Again? I would repurchase, but not immediately.  I will be on the look out for a matte lipstick comparable in color to the 911D Spotlight Red to replace it with.  But in the meantime, I’ll be rocking these bold red lips.

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