One Lovely Blog

Shout out to Shika over at [Hair]i.am–WORLD! for tagging me for this award.  
Now I’m about to share the LOVE

I’ve got 15 lovely blogs that you’ve got to check out after the jump…

  1. Kimberly, Soraya, and Asia – Femmes With Benefits
  2. Gemma – Amateur Hair Dreams
  3. Ashleigh – Hales Family Happenings
  4. Shika – Shika Getting Healthy
  5. Ebony – Longing 4 Length
  6. Jeni – Just Grow Already
  7. Shanticka – Spoon Full of Sugar
  8. Fiona – Love Your Tresses
  9. Vanessa – MissTwenty7thAve
  10. Tai Nycole – Stranded: A Healthy Hair Journey
  11. Matilda – TextTextTiles
  12. Javicia – Javicia Leslie
  13. Brittany – Pockets and Bows
  14. Derin – Wonders of Beauty
  15. And my most recent obsession – Nouveau Cheap

Here are the requirements for you awesome bloggers receiving this award: (1) Pass this award along to (up to) 15 other bloggers and (2) Share seven random things about yourself.  

I’ll go first…

  • 2% milk makes me nauseous — not skim, not 1%, not whole or any other type of milk for that matter –Just 2% milk.
  • I’m fairly certain that I would not know my left from my right, if it wasn’t for the birthmark that I have on my hand.  Yeah…smh
  • I love spicy foods.  Throw some hot sauce on it and I’ll probably eat it.
  • I always thought one day, I’d grow up and stop ordering french fries with my dinner at restaurants. Nope, I still enjoy (and frequently order) french fries.  But I’m working on it.
  • I used bullet points so that you wouldn’t realize that I ran out of randomness to share…
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