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Rollersetting Challenge – May Update

My May update for the Rollersetting challenge is here!  One would think that with 5 months of this challenge under my belt that I’d have my rollersetting routine down COLD…well, I don’t.  This month was by far the most trying for me.   I have been experimenting with new combinations of products (see below) to get curls with more hold.   The results have caused nothing but hair drama, lol.  Between the undesirable rollersets and the ridiculous amount of new growth, my hair has been trying to break me this month.  (But no worries it hasn’t — yet).  Check out the details (and pictures) after the jump…

Rollerset 1:
Pre-poo with Honey Mix for an hour.
Shampoo with GVP Tea Tree Shampoo and Nexxus Therrape
DC with GVP Conditioning Balm for an hour.
Let Roux Porosity Control sit on my hair for 30 seconds.
Add Leave-ins (GVP The Conditioner, Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea, and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Gel)
Set my hair with magnetic rollers.

This set was soft as ever, but the curls did not hold at all.  I thought the Paul Mitchell Supper Skinny would help with that but it didn’t.

Rollerset 2:
Prepoo with Olive Oil, Castor oil, Garlic, and a bunch of essential oils overnight.
Shampoo with GVP Tea Tree Shampoo and Nexxus Therrape

DC with GVP Conditioning Balm for an hour.
Leave-ins (GVP The Conditioner, Aphogee Keratin Green Tea and Elasta QP Anti-Frizz Serum).
Set my Hair with Magnetic Rollers.

Again, my hair was super soft, but sadly there wasn’t much else positive that I could say about this set.

Rollerset 3:
Shampoo with GVP Tea Tree Shampoo

DC with GVP Conditioning Balm for 30 minutes.
Leave-ins (GVP The Conditioner, Aphogee Keratin Green Tea and Redken Heat Glide).
Set my Hair with Magnetic Rollers.
This set was another bust, but I blame my poor planning.  I removed the rollers while my hair was still damp.  I set it Monday night, slept in it and Tuesday morning I had things to do that did not allow for rollers to be in my hair, lol.  I couldn’t bear to take pictures of it, so just look at the picture above and imagine something a big worse.
On the brighter note, my hair was in buns ALL month long (two cheers for protective styling!).  I’ll be wrapping up the month of May airdrying my hair and rocking buns.  But the rollersetting will resume in June.  
I’m currently 14 weeks post relaxer and I will be relaxing some time in June 
(be on the look out for my relaxer update).
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2 thoughts on “Rollersetting Challenge – May Update

  1. You've been SO consistent with your rollersetting, YAY!!! You know I have had the problem with the curls being too soft to hold also! Once I used diluted lottabody but I really prefer softness over hold so *shrugs* oh well! lol

  2. Thank you. I'm really trying to get to a place where rollersetting is my norm. And this challenge has really given me a chance to work out the kinks and figure this rollersetting thing out. And yeah, I've used setting lotions in the past and you're right, they leave the hair hard. They look good when the rollers are removed but then I can never do anything with them past that. I'm probably going to pick a wrap foam for my June rollersets to see if that helps me find a balance between softness and hold. Because my recent sets have had absolutely no hold whatsoever.

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