Bangin’ & Swangin Challenge: Weeks 1-4

I have been putting in work for the past 4 weeks and this is the first of many progress reports for the Bangin’ and Swangin’ Challenge.  And after posting my starting stats, I was super motivated and made sure that I stay the course and make choices that moved me towards my goals.  Even being busier than usual, I’ve been able to closely monitor my calorie intake and get at least one workout each week (see below for the details).  My main goal for this challenge is to look at my Day 1 post on August 31st and see major changes.  Check out my week 1-4 progress report after the jump…

Bangin’ Body

My Weight
Day 1: 156.6 lbs
Week 4: 153.8 lbs

Week 1 – (April 29 – May 5)  

#1. Treadmill: 3.15 miles (60 minutes; 5% incline) = 517 calories burned.  
#2. Treadmill:  3.6 miles (60 minutes) = 548.6 calories burned.  I started at a 4.0 mph jog (2% incline) for the first 30 minutes and then went to a 5% incline for the last 30 minutes at varying speeds 3.0-3.4 mph.
Week 2 – (May 6 – May 12) 
#3. Treadmill: 2 miles (30 minutes; 2% incline) = 279 calories burned.

Week 3 – (May 13 – May 19)  
#4. Treadmill: 2 miles (26 minutes; No incline) = 255 calories burned.

Week 4 – (May 20 – May 26)  

#5. Lifting Weights: Push ups, Bicep curls, Tricep kickbacks and Bent over dumbbell rows (3 x 10).

#6. Lifting Weights: Jump Squats, Dumbbell Squats, Lunges, Donkey Kicks and Bridges (3 x 10).

Did I Meet My Monthly Goals?

  1. 12 workouts in 4 weeks? Nope, but I did workout 6 times.
  2. Jog 24 – 36 miles in 4 weeks? Nope, but I did jog 10.75 miles and burn 1599.6 calories.
  3. Lose 5 lbs in 4 weeks? Nope, but I did lose 2.8 lbs.

I didn’t hit any of my monthly goals, but what can I say? I’m a work in progress. :):) In my book, weeks 1 through 4 were a success and I’m looking forward to weeks 5 through 8. #watchmework

You can check back every four weeks to see what I’ve been up to and where I am on this fitness journey.  
Or you can follow my progress in real time on Twitter

Next Progress Report – June 24

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    I love it! I'm going to be posting my stats on the 31st. And like you said, its still a success…you're down not up! Way to go!

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    Yes, I'm happy about. I've been hovering around 157lbs for the longest, so being this close to the 140s makes me giddy.

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