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Bangin’ and Swangin’ Challenge: Day 1

Alright you guys, I promised I’d post my starting stats for the Bangin’ and Swangin’ Challenge and the time is here.  I was a little apprehensive about posting my weight on the “internets” because I’ve put on some pounds in recent years.  But I’m just going to put myself out there, face my reality and focus on where my weight is headed….DOWN.  ðŸ˜›

Before you check out my starting stats and goals for this challenge, let me apologize for the bad lighting and awkward angles of these pictures.  I’m out of town and trying to take these pictures by myself, in unfamiliar territory, was a lot harder than I anticipated, but I did the best I could.  Alrighty-now, check out the details after the jump… 

Bangin’ Body

Hopefully 4 months from now I can look back and be like this is where it all started…

Starting Weight: 156.6 lbs

Starting Measurements:
Height – 5’7″
Chest – 36.5″
Waist – 30″
Hips – 39″

Starting Picture:

Body Goals:
Exercise 3 times EVERY week. 
Run/walk 6 to 9 miles each week.
My Target is -5lb each month.
Lose 1-3″ inches from each of the measurements listed above…except my height ;).
No more back fat.

Swangin’ Hair
If you know me in real life or from following this blog, you already know that my hair almost always in a bun, so protective styling 50% of the month is no problem for me.  My main focus (and excitement) for this challenge is the bangin’ body portion, but protective styling doesn’t hurt either.  And I’ve got goals that I’m aiming to reach over the next four months.

Starting Length:
*As a disclaimer my hair is 10 weeks post and I did not flat iron my roots.

Hair Goals:
Midback Length Hair.
Maintain Thick ends.
Moisturize my ends twice a week.
Flat Iron no more than 3 times during this challenge.
Continue to pre-poo with honey and hopefully I’ll see a difference in my hair color.

I know Shika and Ebony are in, but is anyone else doing this challenge? 
Post links to your starting posts so we can do this together!

I’ll be tracking my workouts and progress for the Bangin’ and Swangin’ Challenge (BSC) in monthly posts that will be published every four weeks.  Be sure to check back in on May 27th for my first progress report for the Bangin’ and Swangin’ Challenge! #watchmework
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