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Bangin’ & Swangin’ Challenge (Body & Hair)

I’m joining another challenge and I’m hoping I’ll be as consistent and successful with this new challlenge as I have been with ECP’s Rollersetting Challenge. The challenge starts tomorrow and if you’re interested in joining I added the rules below. 


  1. The challenge will be begin on May 1 and run until August 31.
  2. To compete for the challenge grand prize you must post (or submit by email) a picture of both your starting and ending weight with a date stamp.  If you do not want your weight posted, that is a-okay by me!  I just need to have something to prove your progress.
  3. You do not have to compete for the grand prize, you can join the challenge and participate in the monthly challenges and just be here for motivation and inspiration.
  4. Check in monthly on my official check-in posts.
  5. Sign up by leaving a comment on ECP’s Blogpost and include some of your goals: hair and body!
  6. Protective style your hair at LEAST 50% of the time.  This can be done any way you choose: 2 weeks out of the month, 3-4 days per week, every other day or a true hideaway style like wigs or braids…its all up to you!  You don’t have to submit a starting length photo but they are always great for personal progress! (see definition at bottom of the post if necessary)
  7. Exercise at LEAST 3 times per week.
  8. This challenge is not only for those who wish to lose weight, its for anyone who wants to get fit and tone up as well.  So take your starting measurements, a starting photo something that helps you track your body transformation!

She’s also got monthly challenges to participate in: 
Check out the original post for details.

I’ll post my starting stats and goals for the challenge tomorrow…

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