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Rollersetting in February – Recap

It’s about time for an update on the rollersetting challenge.  This month there was a mini challenge to create an updo; but I didn’t have the confidence in my skills to attempt that one, especially with the amount of new growth I was dealing with for most of this month.   Check out the results, products used and my thoughts on the rollersets that I did attempt this month.

#1 – Silk Wrap

Rollerset #1
Shampoo: GVP* Tea Tree Shampoo, Nexxus Therrape.
Deep Condition: Nexxus Humectress.
Leave-in Conditioner: GVP* The Conditioner.
Serum/Oil: Redken Heat Glide, Vatika Oil.
Style — Silk Wrap straight into a Bun:  My new growth was not cooperating.   I tried Redken Heat Glide after this rollerset because I thought it might be a good serum to “silk-ify” my silk wrap, but I wasn’t impressed.  I even added Vatika Oil hoping for a last minute save, unfortunately I had no such luck with this attempt.  It was buns all week for me.

#2 – Magnetic Rollers


Rollerset #2 – Last wash before my relaxer.
Shampoo: GVP Tea Tree Shampoo.
Protein: Aphogee 2 minute Keratin Reconstructor.
Leave in Conditioner: GVP The Conditioner.
Style – Kept the curls and pinned on side back.  

Rollerset #3See relaxer update #4 for pics
Shampoo: Mizani Phormula 7 Neutralizing/Chelating Shampoo, Elasta QP Stop Action Neutralizing Shampoo with Color Alarms.
Deep Conditioner: GVP Conditoning Balm for an hour.
Leave-in Conditioner: Aphogee Green Tea Keratin Spray.
Style – Rollerset and finger combed into a high bun for bed.  Hair was still damp when I removed the rollers but surprisingly my hair was only a little frizzy.  

#3 Reloaded



Rollerset #3 Reloaded
Style – Caruso Set done to add curls for a fun day out and then done another day for a night out.  I just hit it with a Sebastian Shaper Spray as I removed the rollers.  These Caruso Rollers are by far the best part about the rollersetting challenge for me.  They are quick, easy and yield cute hair styles for me.  I hope that they are good for the hair and not damaging or anything like that because I think I’m in love.

*GVP = generic value products sold at Sallys Beauty Supply only.

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4 thoughts on “Rollersetting in February – Recap

  1. Oh yeah, I can completely understand about not wanting to fool with a lot of NG! Your caruso set came out wonderfully! You can definitely submit it for next month's challenge. How long do you plan to stretch?

  2. Thanks, Ebony. I'm sure I'll be doing more caruso sets in the future. I love them a lot.

    Thankfully that stretch is now over. I ended it at 13 weeks. Now I've got amazingly straight roots that make me happy. I'm not sure I'm going to stretch that long again. It only happened because I wasn't paying close attention. I try not to go longer than 12 weeks.

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